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Tom F

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Tom F.

Car: BMW M5
Hometown: Osaka, Japan
Affliation: N/A
Current Residence:
Anaheim, CA

How do you like driving the M5?
I just love driving this car. I love driving this car so much that I ended up putting over 25k miles in a year and I still don’t get tired of driving it. Funny thing is that I used hate BMW’s. till one day I went to the BMW dealer with my friend and saw this White 08 M5 sitting in the showroom. At that time I had 2006 s2000 and I was shopping for a bigger car. I guess my friend wanted to show me BMW is good car and he told the manager of this dealer about it. the manager of the dealer threw the key to me and told me to take it for spin by myself. next thing I know(well he gave me really really good deal too because my friend knew the manager of this dealer), I was signing the paper and became a owner of this M5. I don’t know why but I always loved the White cars and most of the cars I owed is White. If its not white, I don’t usually keep it too long.

I remember you mentioning you also have an Infiniti G35? Is the M5 the upgrade?
Well I originally bought this car so I don’t have to drive my G35 too much. The reason for that is because G35 is really modified and pushing close to 1000hp to the wheel. You can see the car on Feb. 2009 issue of Turbo magazine. Its a Cover car.

How long have you had your M5?
I got the car in Aug of 2007.

So its fairly new, what are your other plans for your M5?
Well there is few things I want to do. I want to do something to the engine, like Supercharger or Twinturbo. but the price tag on that is atleast 45k…so that can’t be done right now. other than that, I’m happy with the way Car turned out.

I love the wheel set up on your white m5, was it a hard decision to choose a good wheel?
Not really, I always loved the BBS LM and always wanted to get one. I thought this car will look perfect with it. at first I hesitated to get the wheel because BBS didn’t have the right offset for the M5. As soon as BBS came out with the right offset, I was first in the line to get one.

Well, it was great shooting your car I hope the best for you plans, do you have any shout out or thanks?
I want to Thank: Dave and everyone else from VIP Status, Bobby, Brad and Duy from Bavarian Exclusive/Hub Ring king, Ken from K&W autobody, and Eddie from Team Transport.

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