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Jovito La Victoria

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Jovito La Victoria

Car: Misubishi Evolution
Hometown: Philippines (CDO)
Affliation: Team Ar-Kan


So you really like white cars?
Yes, very much! coz, you’ll know how good the photographer is if the
car is white and he knows how to adjust the lens…
I call it, White is only for professional only! lol

After this Evo, what will your next car will be?
Maybe an NSX or an S2000 hopefully widebody!!!!!

How long did it take for you to build this Evo?
Since 2006, after that i was starting to buy Evo parts here and there! I’m not finish yet!

I remember seeing you at the shows with your Civic SI Minivan and you also have an EK right?

yes! You are so right.. Minivan hahah
Sadly, i need to let go of my EK coz, I’m scared to get it stolen.. (you know theirs alot of car thieves around!)
Also, the insurance is just gonna give the lower blue book value on the car,(sucks) not the real hardship and effort that you put on it!

Are you collecting these cars or are you building them just to resell?
Evo and EP3 are for keeps! I’m going to pass it on to my 2 kids for sure… also not being trendy!

Seems like you have unlimited budget, what do you do for a living?
That’s the power of the PLASTIC card! lol. I always tell people that i work in MC Donald! lol Ask in the street they know me! J/K

So where do you keep all your cars at?
Next to my bedroom in the back!

I’ve seen your car(s) a lot in carshows, what has been you biggest accomplishment(s)?
My biggest accomplishment in carshow is having respect for one another no matter who you are… respect for each other, another team mate and work together as a team. it doesn’t matter how bad or how much money you put on your car and you act like ASS, its worthless!

So when you heard about what did you think about it?
I said to myself, woooooowww this gonna be big and different lets do this! i want to be part of these its gonna be good shit …..model and cars! like i said not being trendy! lol

What did you think of the Model for your feature on MITT?
When i looked at her at first she was simple and cute! When she was modeling, i said to myself wooooooow she was REALLY REALLY, REALLY AWESOME ONE HOT BABE! speechless

Any Shoutouts?
Thanks for all the stuff in MITT…GOOD JOB GUYS! to my wife,kids and family!!!!!! to all my teammate for all the support!


-Voltex street version front bumper

-Voltex carbon fiber twin kanard (custom fit)

-Voltex carbon fiber oil cooler duct

-Voltex carbon fiber rear diffuser

-Voltex dry carbon under tray diffuser

-Voltex street version side skirt

-Voltex carbon fiber wing type gt-v

-Voltex rear widebody over fender

-GARAGE HRS front widebody fender street version


-ENDLESS RACING brake kit 6piston

-ENDLESS RACING brake kit 4piston

-ENDLESS ZEAL straight 6 slotted disc rotor

-ENDLESS stainless-mesh brake lines

-ENDLESS CCR brake pads-MOTUL brake fluid

-ADVAN RG 2 gold 18×9 +22 15 spacer

-NITTO INVO tires 255/35 18

-BLACK RACING aluminium lug nuts


-GARAGE HRS front titanium strut bar 3point

-GARAGE HRS heat shield

-GARAGE HRS spark plug cover

-GARAGE HRS carbon fiber cooling panel

-JDM oem mitsubishi rear bumper

-CARBING Reservior tank

-ARC intercooler track version 2 w/piping

-HKS hi-power exhaust full catback

-HKS bov version 2 w/piping

-HKS Kansai carbon fiber mirror cover

-TEIN flex full suspension

-SWIFTS spring 12kg/9kg

-CUSCO front/rear sway bar

-CUSCO 6point roll cage

-CUSCO front member power brace

-GTSPEC 4point trunk cage

-DG industries chassis strengthening bar


-Pioneer multimedia unit dvd/mp3/cd/ipod/navi

-PIoneer component speaker F/R

-Backing camera w/ wireless monitor

-BRIDE GIAS kevlar lowmax black gradiation

-BRIDE fabric gradiation insert rear back seat

-BRIDE black fabric arm rest custom fit

-BROADWAY 360 wide mirror

-Ralliart hood panel

-JDM oem volt gauge

-JDM oem boost gauge

-JDM oem water temp gauge

-JDM oem shift knob

-JDM oem shift boot

-JDM oem CF brake handle

-JDM oem CF dash panel trim

-JDM oem window visor

-JDM red flare w/holder

-TAKATA harness long version

-TAKATA harness pads

-GARAGE HRS front titanium strut bar 3point

-GARAGE HRS heat shield

-GARAGE HRS spark plug cover

-GARAGE HRS carbon fiber cooling panel

-JDM oem mitsubishi rear bumper

-CARBING Reservior tank

Photos by : Vietographer

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