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Big Mike

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Michael Chou
-aka Big Mike

Hometown: LA where the playas play
Affliation: The one and only TWCompetition

State your name and what kind of car you drive.
What’s up, I’m Big Mike and I drive a 2006 Mercedes CLS 55 AMG

Another sedan I see… but this time moving on up!
Yup, moving on up, to the east side, to a deluxe apt in the sky. Scratch that, in reality the only thing moving up is the number of 0’s on the price of all of my parts. That’s the only bad thing about getting into DTM modding, it gets way to expensive fast.

The car is looking real good, what more can we expect in the future?
I have got some insane ideas. I’m thinking about painting the car baby blue. In fact give me some time and I’ll probably get the whole car rolling with a baby blue theme. I’m talking about interior, wheels , ice ..the whole 9…all baby blue. I’m definitely going to put some butterfly doors on there. You ever see a CLS with butterfly doors?

What do you like best about this car compare to your old one (Lexus IS300).
I love that I’m getting better gas mileage in this CLS than the IS300. Which sounds ass backwards right? When I was boosting the IS, I was getting like 8 mpg highway and like 0 city. It was comedy, we would be rolling to a show in norcal and I would fill up twice before we got there. Everyone else would still have like ¾’s of tank left.

So when you heard about MITT ( what did you think about?
I thought we were about to go cruising, grab some ladies, toss them in the trunk, take them back to the pad all while ducking and dodging the cops. Basically, a normal Tuesday night.

What did you think about Kay Valentine?
One word – Bangin’

You guys shot at the hangar, what do you think about that?
That was a sick shoot. Great locations, props to MITT on the hookup.
I have always wanted to do a shoot in a hangar. I can’t wait to see how the pics turn out. If they come out clean, I’m about to use them to make my own motivational poster, I’m sure you guys know what I’m talking about.

So Lexus to a Mercedes-Benz… what’ll be your next one after this?
A Donk, probably a caprice on 32”s with a McDonald’s theme. I’m hoping no one has done it yet.

Thanks for your time, Any shoutouts, thanks, hates… whatever you please!
Shout out to the homies at MITT. Shout out to TWCompetition, Falken Tires, Shell V-Power, Meguiars, CarNutz Customz, EvoSport, Brembo – Race Technologies, Impex Motorsports, Image Dynamics, and Zapco.
Last but not least, shout out my friends and family.


EvoSport Evolution 1 Power Package

-EvoSport Fully Dampened Overdrive Crankshaft Pulley Version 2

-EvoSport Black Anodized Billet Aluminum Under Drive Pulley Kit

-EvoSport Black Anodized Billet Aluminum Water Pump Pulley

-EvoSport Black Anodized Billet Aluminum Alternator Pulley

-EvoSport Black Anodized Billet Aluminum Power Steering Pulley

-Powerchip/EvoSport Custom-Tuned Evolution 1 Software

-Speed Limiter Removed

-Rev Limit Increased

EvoSport Evolution 2 Power Package

-EvoSport “Shorty” Performance Headers  w/ 2100ºF thermobaric ceramic coating

-EvoSport 8mm Spark Plug Wires

-Powerchip/EvoSport Custom-Tuned Evolution 2 Software

EvoSport Kompressor Cooling Package

-Secondary Heat Exchanger That Increases Total System Capacity by 65%

-Heavy Duty Water Pump with 600% Increase in Flow

-External Overflow Reservoir

-EvoSport Phenolic Spacer Kit

-Kevlar Hoses and AN Fittings

-K&N High Flow Air Filters

In Car Entertainment:

-(2) Image Dynamics IDQ Subwoofers 12”

-Image Dynamics Component Speakers

-Image Dynamics Tweeters

-Image Dynamics Coaxial

-(2) Zapco Digital Amplifiers

-Custom Mounted Zapco Digital Processor (Motorized)

-Varad LED lighting / light panels

-MPI-400 Power Inverter

-Custom Carbon Fiber Amp Enclosure

-Color Matched Painted Fiberglass Enclosures

-Custom Carbon Fiber Trunk Trim / Trunk Closer

-Napa Leather Wrapped/ Stitched Trunk Panels

-Alcantara Wrapped Trunk Panels

-(2) Savv 7” Headrest Monitors w/ wireless headphones

-(3) 10” LCD Monitors in the Trunk lid

-Custom Installed Nintendo Wii

-Custom Fiberglass Work in the Trunk and Trunk lid

-Carbon Fiber and Double Diamond Suede Ported -Subwoofer Box

-Frosted Glass Port w/ LED Illumination

-Full Dynamat lining in the Trunk

-Savv Reverse Camera

-Custom Carbon Fiber Camera Enclosure

-Custom Double Diamond Stitched Wii Controller Case

-Nav TV Modified Head Unit / Video in Motion

-iPod / iPhone Integration


-Brabus Rocket Front Bumper

-Custom Carbon Fiber Vertical Side Air Vents (First Ever on CLS)

-Custom Carbon Fiber Rocket Front Lip (First Ever on CLS)

-Custom Carbon Fiber 3 Slat Grill (One Off)

-Custom Brabus Rocket Vented Hood w/Grills

-Custom Carbon Fiber Weather Ducts (First Ever on CLS)

-Brabus Rocket Side Skirts w/ LED Puddle Lights

-Custom Carbon Fiber B Pillars (First Ever on CLS)

-Custom Carbon Fiber Roof (First Ever on CLS)(Vacuum )

-Custom Carbon Fiber Mirrors (First Ever on CLS)

-Custom Carbon Fiber CLS55 AMG Diffuser

-Custom Rear Diffuser Puddle Lights


-Custom Carbon Fiber Door Caps/ Finishers (First Ever on CLS)

-Brabus Brushed Aluminum Pedal Set

-Brabus Chrome Door Pins

-Custom CF Interior Trim (Dash, Dash Panels, Shifter, Rear Slide Accordions)

-Custom CF Front Seat Back (First Ever on CLS)

-Custom Double Diamond Stitched Front Seats (Alcantara)

-Custom Double Diamond Stitched Rear Seats (Alcantara)

-Custom Double Diamond Stitched Front Seat -Magazine Pockets (Alcantara)

-Custom Double Diamond Stitched Door Panels (Alcantara)

-Custom Double Diamond Stitched Door Pockets (Alcantara)

-Alcantara Wrapped A, B, and C Pillars

-Alcantara Shift Boot w/Stitching

-Mercedes CLK 63 AMG Black Series Steering Wheel w/ Aluminum Paddle Shifters

Wheels & Suspension:

-HRE 890R 21” Wheels (Powder coated Gloss Black w/ Chrome Lips)

-21”X9.5” Fronts on Falken FK452 255/30/21

-21”X10.5” Rears on Falken FK452 295/25/21

-Brembo 405mm 6 Piston Front Big Brake Kit (Yellow) (First Set Ever on CLS)

-Brembo 380mm 4 Piston Rear Big Brake Kit (Yellow) (First Set Ever on CLS)

-Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines (Front)

-Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines (Rear)

-Custom Lowering Links

-Custom STAR Diagnostic Lowering Program

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