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Models In The Trunk

Clark Ishihara

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Clark Ishihara

Car: Lexus LS460
Hometown: Studio City, CA


A/S/L? Please?
22, male, Studio City CA

So tell us a brief story on how this car came about
After being invited to attend the 07 Detroit auto show By Lexus Corporation, I was sat down
By one of the execs and asked if I would possibly like to build them a vehicle for the up coming
Sema Convention. Of course I couldn’t say no to an opportunity like that, and with a shake of a
Hand the deal was sealed.

We’re about the same age, where do you think our generation of tuners in our scene is heading?
To me, the industry described in one word would be “saturated”. I say this because not just because it’s easy to blame the “mom and pops” shop but Distributers that didn’t have a long term plan. One thing new young business owners trying to break into this industry will have to except is that without plan for tomorrow they won’t survive very long; Thus meaning that they will have to be more creative in all that they do, as well as market their products on another level. I have very high hopes for the up and coming years because it will take a lot of creative and innovative minds to stabilize this industry. Getting back to your question, do I really know where we are heading? Not really. Do I know generally what it will take to get there? I would say so.

Do you see any trend that is growing in our scene?
I wouldn’t go as far as saying that in this point in time the industry is growing, but reinventing itself.
As far as specific trend, I do see that the Lexus market is definitely picking up speed do in part that Lexus offers a strong selection of vehicles that are basically “good bang for your buck”. The Euro market will always be stable but given our current economic status, it seems that people just don’t want to pay Euro prices when modifying their vehicles.

What are your influences in building cars?
When I was younger (5 or 6) some of my fondest memories where washing the cars with my dad. After washing down the cars we would hop in and he would let me steer the car around the block to dry it off. This I believe was the foundation of which sparked my interest in cars.
Now that I’m older I have taken a lot of interest in the styling ways of the Japanese particularly VIP
Style. Something about the slammed suspension and extreme wheel fitments gets me going.

So when you heard about, what was your impression about it?
LOL when I first heard of the name I was like, for real, “Models in a trunk.” It’s definitely a fresh new innovative concept.

Fact or Fiction? I heard VIPautosalon will have a store front in the near future?
For the past year now we have been working out of a small cramped 1000 sq ft office. We have been primarily doing wholesale but we feel we can definitely benefit from having a larger space that can support a retail shop as well. The new shop location will be in Torrance, walking distance from the Toyota/Lexus campus.

Wanna Hire me???
I know you work HIN and all but what can you bring to the table? …LOL

Name a few brands/manufacturers that you are carrying
As far as brands that we are sole distributers for: Admiration, Amistad, Lexon, and hopefully TOMS the near future.
Some of the other brands we carry: Wald, Brabus, Lorinser, AC Schnitzer, Fabulous, Junction Produce, Work Wheels, Volk… the list goes on.

Explain VIPautosalon in 5 words
Adapting, Evolving, Intuitive, Innovative, Eclectic.

Any last word? Props? Hate? Plug?
Stabilizing this industry will be an over hauling, I believe that there are many great minds out there that just need direction.
Props to all the MITT crew that have given me the opportunity to give a peace of mind. Creativity is based on knowledge. Don’t hate on fugly ass car, just feel sorry that they don’t know any better.


Led Replacement Lighting

-Front and Rear Dome Lights

-Fold down Mirrors

-Front and Rear Doors

-Trunk lights

Replacement D4S 6000k Head Lights

Replacement 9006 3500k Fog Lights


Custom two toned Leather Upholstery  (Black and Ash)

-Hand Stitched Leather Head Liner (Black)

-Hand Stitched Leather Fold down Mirrors (Black)

-Leather wrapped A, B, and C Pillars (Black)

-Leather wrapped Rear Deck (Black)

-Re-upholstered front and rear Doors

Madico Window Film, 50% all Windows


Wald International 22” Portofino Wheels

-Front 22×9 offset +33

-Rear 22×10 offset +35

Pirelli PZero Nero Tires

-Front 245/30-22

-Rear 285/25-22


Universal Air Suspension kit

-Dakota Digital Air Ride Controller

One-off Brembo Brake System

-Front 8 Piston Front Calipers and 15” Rotors


Custom two toned Leather Upholstery  (Black and Ash)

-Hand Stitched Leather Head Liner (Black)

-Hand Stitched Leather Fold down Mirrors (Black)

-Leather wrapped A, B, and C Pillars (Black)

-Leather wrapped Rear Deck (Black)

-Re-upholstered front and rear Doors

Madico Window Film, 50% all Windows

Special Thanks:

Special Thanks to:

Lexus USA

Ryan Bacsafra

Jonari Corp.

Universal Air


Dakota Digital

A&E Paint Shop: 14444 Lanark St

Panorama CA, 91402 (818)997-0642

JJ Upholstery: 1200 Balboa Blvd

Granada Hills CA, 91344 (818)366-3313

Paul Vik (Head Tech)

Photos by: Vietographer

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