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David Huang

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David Huang

Car: Range Rover Sport
Hometown:Irvine, CA/
Taipei, Taiwan


Range Rover Sport in the Gumball?
Yup! 3000 miles, 120 cars, 8 days, it was sure an honor to have my car to be part of this fund-raising good cause. The RRS definitely stands out from the crowd of exotic sports cars due to its size; but don’t let the size fool you, its top-end torque on the freeway definitely makes up its slow pick-up speed from a dig. This car was driven by Max Ryan from the movie “Death Race”, and inside the vehicle rides the marketing executive of PUMA from U.K. and his film crew in the backseat.

How did you get involve with that?
The marketing executive of PUMA from U.K. contacted ShowOpt’s source @ Land Rover Life Style Magazine to form a group of highly modified Range Rover Sports to have their celebrity rally team to pilot in this rally. So I gathered up my sponsors to give this car its 2nd make-over since last year’s SEMA show, they are, FALKEN Tires, KLASSEN Wheels, JBT Brakes, Defender Worx, BORLA Exhaust, and as well as SPY Sunglasses, Monster Energy Drink, Top Trump, FAMOUS Stars & Straps, NIXON, and more.

So SEMA is right around the corner is there anything you want to leak out?
Most of time I don’t like to make promises during crunch time just in case I don’t pull through with what I have to; but for this year’s SEMA, I will take the direction of my build-purpose differently than before with much more corporate connections. Definitely keep your eyes out on the cars that rock “ShowOpt” logos @ the SEMA show.

Heard you are going all out with numerous cars… How many cars exactly are you building for SEMA?
Big thanks to for helping me connect with oversea vendors/sponsors from Japan and Taiwan during my annual oversea trip, I am now able to modify cars with much styling that you never thought it was possibly done. You will be able to see many fine examples at this year’s SEMA show that will demonstrate my vision through to help of vendors and sponsors.

I hear you’re doing a KIA… what is this all about?
Yes, anybody can mark my words now, Korean automobile manufacturers such as KIA & Hyundai will take a huge leap at this year’s SEMA show; and most importantly, it will take charge on an upcoming force in the automotive industry within the next couple years. I am honor to partner up with KIA Motors America through & K-sportline on a vehicle build that will debut in H.I.N.’s very own booth @ the SEMA show this year. This vehicle we are building will demonstrate the customization ability and aftermarket availability for the market of KIA’s potential consumers. You can mark my words again, because I believe the “Best Other Class” at the H.I.N. & NCCA events is about to get real competitive in 2009 and more years to come!

You’ve been involve with SEMA SCION BUILD OFF for the past 2 years… and have been sucessful…are we going to see a 3-peat?
Both ShowOpt and I are honored to lead the trend in building B-segment vehicles with the Scion Build Off in 2006 and 2007; and most importantly, winning the Build Off competition in both years have definitely gave us more credibility upon our SEMA-build this year. Thus, I would like to thank all the sponsors/vendors/organization that have made this possible, including Auto Fashion USA, AME, ENDLESS & ZEAL, STATUS Racing, BFGoodrich Tires, House of Kolors, NR-G, DTM Autobody, JBT Racing, JIC Magic, Air Walker, Car Fashion, Creative Car Audio & Motorsport, Hills Performance Solution, Air Runner, SoundStream, Glow Shift, Stitch Craft Interior, TWS and many more. As for this year, you will see ShowOpt involved with at least one of the Scion Challenge vehicle; except this time I’m not in charge with any of the 3 Scion tC that is part of the challenge. Best of luck to Fast Eddie, Fatlace, and Garage Life; winner takes all the bragging right!!!

The show season is almost over, what are your plans for 2009?
Those that need to know what I’m bringing in 09’ has already been notified, and to those that is not aware of this; like L.L. once said, “Don’t call it a come back, I’ve been here for years”.

So David, when are you going to hook me up with some parts?
When am I going to get paid for lending you multiple cars (since there are much more to come)??? Hahaha, just playing man, any time for my M.I.T.T. folks!


-P.P.G. Alphine White Metalic

-Defender Worx 30 Piece Wide Body

*D.W.X. Front Valance Air Dam

*D.W.X. Front Parking Sensors (4 pieces)

*D.W.X. Side Rockers (6 pieces)

*D.W.X. Rear Valance Apron (3 pieces)

*D.W.X. Rear Parking Sensors (4 pieces)

*D.W.X. Front Wide Body Flares (4 Pieces)

*D.W.X. Rear Wide Body Flares (6 Pieces)

*D.W.X. Rear Hatch Wing

-Defender Worx Aluminum 5 Piece Grille Kit

*D.W. Front Brushed Aluminum Grille

*D.W. Side Fins (4 Pieces)

-Rear Shaved Emblem


-KLASSEN 22” K8.1 Wheels

*Custom Black Chrome Finish

*Front 22×11 & Rear 22×11


*Front 255/45/22 & Rear 255/45/22

-JBT front 15.5” Rotors

-JBT front 8-Piston Calipers

-JBT rear 14” Rotors

-JBT rear 6-Piston Calipers

-JBT Stainless brake lines

-JBT brake pads

-LRNB Air Suspension Struts

-LRNB Air Suspension Tanks

-LRNB Air Suspension Lines

-LRNB Air Suspension Switch


-LRNB Maple Wood Trims

-LRNB Upgraded Leather Seats & Upholstery

-LRNB Fridge/Cooler

Audio/Visual Entertainment:

-Harmon Kardon DVD Navigation System

-Harmon Kardon Logic 7 Head Unit

-Harmon Kardon Mids & Highs Speakers x13

-Harmon Kardon 600 Watts Subwoofers x2

-NAV-TV Custom iPod Adapter AUX Line


-ARDEN Air Intake Filter

-BORLA Luxury Sport Cat-Back Exhaust

2008 Gumball 3000 World Tour:

-Driver: Max Ryan (of “Death Race”)

-San Francisco Aug. 8th ~9th

-Los Angeles Aug. 9th~10th

-San Diego Aug. 10th~11th

-Las Vegas Aug. 11th~12th

-Pyongyan North Korea Aug.12th~13th

-Shanghai China Aug.13th~14th

-Beijin China Aug.14th~15th

-L.A.X. Aug.15th~16th

*Rolled straight into NISEI this morning!

-For More Info:

Sponsors: 2008 Gumball 3000

-PUMA Sports Wear

-Monster Energy Drink

-Famous Stars & Straps


-Land Rover Lifestyle Magazine


-JBT Brakes

-Defender Worx

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