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Lisa Kaye

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Ethnicity: Korean/Japanese
Hometown: The OC
Measurements: 34C-25-34
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown



What is your name? nicknames?
Lisa Kaye … uhh, LK? Ha! I have none, it’s just plain ol’ Lisa, can you think of one for me because I really want one. =/

And where are you from?
When I was growing up, I was living all over the place. Here in Ca, Korea, Seattle WA, but mostly here in OC. So pretty much I can say im just a Orange County Girl!

So where do u live now?? Can I had the address *wink* JK

I currently live somewhere in the OC, and no… you may not. You can try and guess and I’ll tell you if you’re right, deal?

You know Lisa…you been in the scene for awhile. One of the OG’s at that. You disappeared for a while
and frankly where the hell did u go?????

Ahhh… the question I’ve been hearing so much lately. Well, I decided to take some time to focus on my career. I went to college to get a degree for a reason so; I wanted to make sure I kept my priorities in order. …. Plus, u try and get away, but you always get sucked back in, it’s like a disease! I didn’t plan on doing any car shows or anything, I just started up go-go dancing a lot since I enjoy it so much and I could do it even with my career. Then, from there is when you get all sucked in to everything else because it’s so addicting!

Do you have MySpace? And if so can u add me? lol
I sure do! You are lucky, you already
are my friend on there, awww, lucky-lucky you :)

interviewpic2Do you like to eat?? And what are your favorite foods?
Food is sure my friend. I love food. I love to eat. I have so many favorites, I can’t just pick one… but here are some: In n Out protein style burgers with animal style fries, Lumpia (egg rolls), Papa John’s pepperoni pizza, McDonalds chicken mc nuggets, Del Taco hard tacos, chili cheese fries, all sorts of Korean food, Bo Luc Lac (Vietnamese dish), sushi, pizza hut hot wings… I can go on for days. :) I’m a piglet, and I’m proud of it.

What’s the first thing that comes to you mind when you hear the word “camel toe”? lol
I hate you for putting this question in here! lol. Well since it’s so
fresh in my mind, I would have to say, the major camel toe I had at our
photo shoot! That was no fun at all! =/

What is your nationality?
I am half Korean and half Japanese, best of both worlds :)

What does Lisa Kaye do for fun???
Gosh, I feel like I barely get to take time to have actual fun without working. The weekends are always filled with working my go-go gigs. I see that as fun though, I get to hang out with my go-go girlies and that’s always a good time. I love dancing, I love music, so that = fun to me! On the chill days, I just lay out a lot, meet up with some friends to go eat, and if it’s an overnight thing, we would go to Vegas for a short trip.

I remember back in the days you were in this car club modeling… I don’t really remember the team name but you were wearing angel wings. Where do you see the whole import car scene going? From how it was then and now?interviewpic3
Oh! I remember that show, it was for Team Hybrid @ HIN La.
Honestly, I can’t really tell. Back then, I was so much more involved
than now. I was going to every show possible, and meeting so many people
from different places. But because I’m just starting to do a little bit
more, I haven’t been able to experience the change yet. One thing I can
definitely applaud is the addition of go-go dancers all over the booths
at the shows. Great idea. Maybe at the next show, MITT can but some
go-go cages in their booth so I can shake my romp! :)

That’s about it, Thanks Lisa!!

Photos by Vietographer


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