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Vanessa Monique

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Ethnicity:Mexican, Japanese & Irish.
Hometown: Oxnard, CA
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown


Hi, what’s your name?
Vanessa Monique!!!!! SUCKA!

And where are you from?
The Land of Strawberries… The Big Oxnard!

Land of the strawberries eh??Do you like Strawberries?
Yes, I sure the heck DO!!!! Strawberries are great on pies, ice cream, and on bodies =) heehee

Is it me or all the girls from Oxnard are… stackkin?? What the heck is in the water?
Haha…Yeah most of us come out STACKED! I don’t think it’s the water it might be the strawberries!!! If I had to bet, I’d bet on that! LOL

Do you have any tattoos? And what are they of?? And when are u going to get my name tatted on your chest??
I have three… I have on my left hip brass knuckles, on my right hip I have my fiancés name, and above my secret special to the right I have HELLO KITTY in a tokidoki outfit lol and as for your name just tell people your names David and tada already got it! Heehee

So what does Vanessa do for fun?
Vanessa SLEEPS for fun! LOL no, no I like to go to hip-hop shows and I like to paint faces (do make up) haha and I’m good just doing about anything being spontaneous you never know what I could be up to lol its all about making any situation fun!

You seem to be a underground music head…What are some of your favorite groups? I personally like Hannah Montana myself.
Wow Miley Sirus lol love her! J/k lets see I love The Shape Shifters, Psycho Realm, Atmosphere, and Murs!

So explain your nationality ? What the hell happened to get that mix?
I am Mexican, Japanese, and Irish baby! Haha My Daddy’s Full Mexican and My Momma’s Japanese and Irish!

What kind of guys do you dig?? Are u single? Married? Have kids?? Want kids? I can help…
I dig the non normal, sick in the head in a good way, Crazy Guys! Haha I’ve never met anyone on my level as far as same music, same interests, and beliefs and what not…. Till I met the guy I’m with now… He’s all that and more… So no I am not Single Sorry Fellas =( but I am happily engaged =) no kids as of right now… Man me reproducing little Vanessa’s! I don’t know if the worlds ready to handle that lol

Uhm good answer.. I already knew the answer to that one… SWOOOOOP!!!
SWOOOOOOOOP!!!!!!!!! I love that! Haha

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