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Ryan Z

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Ryan Z

Full Name
Ryan Z.
Irvine CA

So before having this Acura NSX what was one of the first cars have you modded

Fully Built Turbo EK LS/Vtec, that car was a beast, and many CRX’s and Integra’s back in the late 90’s haha.

How long have you had this NSX

I have owned this NSX since 2002

I’ve seen your car in numerous car shows ranging up and down the west coast and surprisingly all the way out in


Yeah, well my car was on tour with TWCompetition in the 2007 2008 seasons, but it is retired now. She travels more than I do.

What do you think about the current carshow scene/industry with this horrible economy

Uh I dont know, didnt know the economy was that bad considering everyone in the industry is still modding their cars like crazy and spending money like no tomorrow, going to prepartys with bottle service and VIP every where … you have to wonder is the economy that bad?

Any more other plans for the NSX or are you going to move onto bigger things?

I drive the NSX often since it is not on tour, I have no plans to further modify the car, in fact I plan to return the car to a stock condition, sell it, and move on to somthing else.

What did you think abotu when you heard about it??

When I first heard about MITT I thought you guys had an interesting concept going, then I thought you guys would never use my car because I dont have a trunk, but then again Tina Lee is so small we could fit her in the spare tire well in the front, so it worked out.

You had the lovely Tina Lee posing with your car, what did you think about that?

Tina Lee haha where do I begin. She and I first worked together when she modeled for TWCompetition, Tina is awesome, shes one hyper chick and oh yeah she likes strawberry shourtcake haha.

Are we going to see you in the show circuit this coming season for 2009?

Well I might be there to help and catch up with friends, but as far as competiting my car, no, the NSX is retired.

Any shoutouts, sponsors plug, hate anything???

TWCompetition, Eccentric Aces, Models In The Trunk, Falken, Kenny at SOKWIK, and I hate onions. FML FML FML.

Marga Hills Carbon Fiber Front Bumper
Marga Hills Carbon Fiber Wide Front Fenders
Marga Hills Carbon Fiber Side Skirts
Marga Hills Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser
Carbon Fiber Hood
Carbon Fiber JGTC Race Mirrors
Taitec Wide Rear Fenders
PPG Lamborghini Orange by Auto Explosion
2002 Headlight Conversion
2002 Tail Light Conversion
Shaved Turn Signals

Br1de Seats
Sparco 5 pt Harness
Roll bar mounted JVC video camera
4 point roll cage painted Gloss black
Momo Hub and Steering wheel
Fiberglassed Dash Painted Gloss Black
Fiberglassed Doors Painted Gloss Black
Orange Suede Door inserts and shift boot
Carbon Fiber Shift Knob
Carbon Fiber Razo Pedals
Carbon Fiber Rear View Mirror
Full Fiberglassed Rear wall wrapped in black suede
A B C D Pillars wrapped in black suede
Headliner wrapped in black suede

Basch Boost Supercharged Novi 1000 10psi
So Kwik T3 Ball Bearing Turbos
So Kwik dry sump oil system
So Kwik honed intake manifold
So Kwik ported cylinder head
So Kwik custom exhaust
100 shot single fogger NOS nitrous oxide systems
Seanz connecting rods
Wiseco pistons
Ferrera valve train components (springs, retainers valves)
RC Injectors
Sony Vaio TR2A for EMS Control

ICE In Car Entertainment
Full Diamond Audio
Diamond Audio 300 watt amp for cabin components
Diamond Audio 300 watt amp for trunk components
Diamond Audio 600 watt amp for 10″ sub
Diamond Audio TDX 10″ sub
Diamond Audio HEX Pro components cabin
Diamond Audio HEX Pro components trunk
MB Quart Pro tweeters
SAVV 10″ Monitor in the trunk
SAVV 5 ” Monitor in the trunk
SAVV 5″ Monitor Fiberglassed into headliner
SAVV 5″ Monitor Fiberglassed into headliner
Kenwood In Dash DVD and Navigation with 6″ Monitor
Monster Cable and Dynamat complete
Nintendo Wii
Nintendo DS Light (2)
Frosted Glass with blue lighting for trunk accents
Full Fiberglass, woodwork, suede trunk and interior

20″ HRE 540 Gray with Polished Lips Rear
19″ HRE 540 Gray with Polished Lips Front
Falken 285/30/20 Rear
Falken 245/45/19 Front

HKS Hyper Max 2 Race Coilovers
Carbon Fiber DC Sports Upper strut bars
Du Luc lower sway bars
Energy Suspension Bushings

Brembo Custom “B” size caliper with 15″ Rotors (one off) Front
Brembo “A” size caliper with 13.8″ Rotors Rear
Brembo Steel Braided Brake Lines
Super Blue race fluid

Polished Valve Covers
Polished Turbos
Polished NOS Bottle
Black Powder Coated Under Body
Carbon Fiber Air Intake Panel
HID 5000k Headlights
Optima Yellow Top

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