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Tina Lee

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Tina Lee

Ethnicity: korean
Hometown: san jose, ca
Measuremments: 34-25-36
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: brown


What is your name? nicknames ?
my name is tina! if you know me in real life, you know my real name : ) and my friends call me NK. inside joke.

And Where Are you from?
san jo, YOU KNOOOW!! lol jk. san jose, ca. but ive lives all over the bay area and tacoma, WA for a year.

So where do u live now??
back in san jose, home sweet home

What is your story? Tell me about Tina
well i have been modeling for the past couple of years, doing carshows throughout the west coast, as well as in arizona and massachusettes. also, i am a gogo dancer (who isnt these days lol) you can find me in clubs throughout the bay, and i occasionally make my way down to a few clubs in la/oc. i currently do not go to school (fashion school dropout) and i recently quit my day job, but i will be starting my tattoo appreanticeship within a year, if you didnt know i am a killer at drawing : ) me lazy, but i am just trying to have a blast while i am young!

What nationality are you?

can you speak Korean? And if so say something!
i can speak it fluently, but cant read or write. haha. i basically only know what everything sounds like, but people say my accent is off.

So you like from Nor Cal..  like what is there to do for fun out there? what is there to do anywhere?

go to the club, etc etc. i can say that the trees are greener if you know what i mean. but to tell you the truth, i am a homebody. if im not required to be out for work or if someone pulls a homie card, im probably in bed, at the mall, or the movies. im a simple gal

What is the craziest thing that’s happened to you??
my life’s boring, nothing ever happens to me. but last year, i almost lost someone and i thank the lord everyday that he pulled through and we are happier than ever.

Are you single? Dating? Married? Got kids?
well obviously after the last question it is clear that im with someone. yes, i have a man who im 100% loyal to. but trust that i can bring the sexy when it comes to work ;)

Ever get glitter in you eye? And if so do you do the thizz face?
lol are you asking me this question just so you can say “thizz face”. lol, actually once i did get glitter in my eye and it hurt so bad that my eyes watered and my fake lashes came off and this was like right before i was about to gogo. all bad.

Do you have any shout outs or anyone you would like to thank?

ofcourse all my boyeeeees at mitt. thanks for featuring your girl from the bay!! and everyone who read this, i hope it gave you a lil insight as to who i am! follow me on twitter!! @kissmeimtinalee

photographed by Vietographer

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