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Kay Valentine

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VALENTINEEthnicity: 1/2 French & 1/2
Hometown: London, UK
Measurements: 34C-25-36
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown

Hello MATE!

What is your name?
Kay Valentine AKA Kay Veezy AKA Princess Kay AKA Krazy K

Where are you from?
G’day MATE! Oops, wrong country, bloody hell!
lol, Im from London, United Kingdom, UK BABY!


How do you like the States versus London?
I love the states, I love the Sun, I love the food and I love palm trees. I do miss london for the fish & chips though, you guys dont have that here, well not as good as the original but the weather is really different for sure. I love the sun and the palm trees and suppose to the gloomy rain, wind and grey skies.

Just curious, how long does it take normally for Miss Kay Valentine to get ready to go out?
I hate MITT, nah jk, I love MITT really. It takes me 5 minutes! LoL, yeah right! I love to indulge my long showers. It’s my time I get to relax. I can shower up to a hour if i could.

So Kay Veezy, you seem quite the dancer as a go-go, what made you get into dance?
I’ve always had a passion for dance. I studied performing arts for a while. I absolutley love performing, from singing & dancing jazz, contemporary ballet, hip hop, I just love to dance. Performing allows you to express yourself in many ways. If it’s your passion, it’s your path to being happy!

What do you do for fun? Do you work out?
For fun, I like to spend quality time with my loved ones & my true friends whether it means just being by their side or outdoor activities, it’s that every second that money can’t buy! I don’t work out at the gym, I’ve always been an energetic & atheletic type from a very young age, my workout is being able to dance on the weekends.

What is your ethnicity? Explain your background, where did Kay Veezy come from?
I’m more than your average british chick, LOL. There’s only one and the only Kay Veezy. I guess you can say I’m quite unique in my own ways, hehe. You could say I’m quite contagious, others can’t help but to pick-up a part of me & leave talking like me. My best friend Clinton from Babe-Talent & his homeboy Jon Ancheta (from Johnson & Johnson) gave me the name Kay Veezy, the Veezy is now officially one of my few nick names. As for my ethnic background, allow me to show you my great knowledge of math, hehehe. To be exact, I am 1/4 French, 1/8 Chinese, 3/4 Vietnamese & a Pinay at heart(Pinay is a Filipino Female). Being from London, majority of my child hood years, I grew up with many different ethnic backgrounds. It was never really one particular ethnic community I networked with, it always has been a mixed diverse crowd. But several of my good friends are Filipino, so i spent alot of time with their family & friends, so thats where the Pinay at heart came from.


What are some of your favorite foods and why?
My favorite foods are vietnamese, because everyone like pho. I love filipino food because it’s very similar to home cook vietnamese food & taste so lovely and I love japanese food too. Japanese/Sushi is just so lovely. I can go on & on. I love food, enough said.

Was hard for you to adjust over here, time wise and with people. Do Americans seem weird?
you guys are 8 hours ahead of time from the UK, but obviously Im used to the time now. Besides that, yes I would say it’s very different from back in London. Spending most of my life from the busy city London, everything is on the go. People are different, mentality is certainly different. Everything is so spread out here, where as London everything is so close. It’s very easy to get around and get things done, London is very much like New York.

What the hell is Tea and Crumpets and do you have a tea time still?
I haven’t been keeping up with tea time now, but yes, we have tea time. I make the BEST english tea, CERTIFIED! As for the crumpets, thats a british thing, google it!


do you have any shout outs or anyone you would like to thank?
Yezzir, I would love to thank my lovely supporters & fans, I love you guys all & appreciate all support given, because every little helps and thats why I keep doing what I do because it’s you guys who make me! MITT of course, for the lovely feature & the awesome shoot! I would also like to thank Babe-Blvd team, Steve, Dennis, Hongle, I LOVE YOU GUYS ALL, thats who made me, the firm, the fam :) not forgetting BABE-TALENT Team, MY GUARDIAN ANGEL Mr CLINTON my bestest friend (RIDE OR DIE) aka Chu Beezy, alongside my snuggle buddy WALTER aka Teddy Rux….. my Fam Bam the whole of SAN AGUSTINS, I love you all, my female BFF JACKIE aka J.diddy :) My Bestest Friend, GUARDIAN ANGEL & God brother in London :DAVID aka DSD, John Nugget, MY cousin YVONNE (another British Chick), my aka wifey LANN nguyen in London, my pinay cousin SEXCEE CELINE and last but not least….. my FAMILY….. MUMMY, DADDY, BROTHERS & SISTERS….. I LOVE YOU ALL, YOU’RE MY EVERYTHING!

That’s about it thanks KAY!!

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