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Talia Sunset

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Ethnicity: CauBlasian
Hometown: Hoodbridge, VA
Measurements: 32B-24-35
Hair color: Black(naturally Auburn
Eye color: Light Brown


Hello Talia, what is your Full name?interviewpic1
Talia Sunset, not givin out the government, Sorry!

Where are you from?
Hoodbridge, VA. Its part of NOVA [northern VA] & right outside the Nation’s capital.

How the hell is Virginia by the way?br /> Pretty cold, but its cool. I only go to VA to visit my family & friends. My real home now is LA =) [awwww!]

What is your nationality and how did that come about?
CauBLasian! like Tiger woods! And it came about when ummm my parents did the damn thing? around Christmas time.. then 9 months later God’s gift to mankind was born.. =)

So I hear your pimpin, how is the pimp world and who have you pimped lately?

I am a pimp, I have mastered the game haha but lately I’ve been taking a break and just having time for myself. I’ll be hollering at boys again soon though so watch out cuties! ;)

What’s the deal between you and Obama?
We’ve been chillin in the Oval Office.. JK! Umm I’m just a really big supporter. I spent alot of hours campaigning for him, going to rallies, going door to door informing voters.. everything! I love everything he stands for, I believe he can and will change this country for the better, and I’m not gonna lie.. he’s pretty damn hot! PS: THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO VOTED FOR OBAMA WE MADE HISTORY! =D

So what do you like to eat?
Ooh EVERYTHING! I actually eat pretty healthy most of the time & I try not to eat meat because its unhealthy & blah blah blah but I slip up a few times a week. I love sushi, mexican, california burritos, thai, soul food, candy, sweets, everything else with sugar. My absolute favorite is Sprinkles cupcakes. Or any cupcakes I guess.

I see that you’re a Titans fan. Shed some light on us why?
Oh man I must tell this story 3 times a day now that the Titans are on top lol Hokay SO: I was raised a Broncos & Pats fan, mainly Broncos. New England has always been my #2 team. After Denver won the 98 superbowl, Elway announced his retirement & he was=2 0my favorite player so I wanted a new team. I liked all those OG players from the oilers like Eddie George, Steve Mcnair, Frank Wycheck, the stars basically, & they were all on the new team forming: the Tennessee Titans. Being an 11yr old girl, at first I just liked their jerseys, but then I really liked the team, and they went to the superbowl that year so I’ve been a fan ever since. Even when we were 4-12 in 05! so fuck the bandwagon, i’ve been here for 10 years!

East coast or West coast, Where would you rather be??
West coast anyday.. I still have hometown love, & I absolutely adore NYC & Miami, but I am way too attached to LA to live anywhere else!

How long have you been modeling? Is there any other profession that you do?
I have been modeling on & off throughout my childhood, starting when I was a toddler. I also gogo dance part time [what import model doesn't though lol] & I used to be a makeup artist but I haven’t done that in a while.


Do you have a special talent, and if so what is it?
Umm.. I sculpt, paint, decorate cakes, design and make clothes, customize dunks and uhhh oh yeah I chase liquor with beer or water. Thats a talent too right? lol

I also hear you are into cars. What type of vehicles are you into and what about them do you like?
Ya know I used to be REALLY into Honda’s and B-series motors. But after selling my SI in 07, I kind of lost appreciation for them. I used to love Evo’s too and I kinda don’t care about those anymore. Now I’m into luxury like Aston Martins, Maseratis, that whole genre. But my next car is going to be a SmartCar! And after that maybe a Granturismo or a DB9 coupe!

What about this industry do you like and not like? Do you like the direction is going?
I like how partying is pretty much my job, and i love to travel. I don’t like how inconsistent it is, like the whole industry could just collapse one day if people stopped liking imports, and that would be the end of all of our jobs. But that’s why you don’t put all your eggs in one basket, I have plenty to fall back on. Plus I’m going to get out of the industry way before that happens, I have bigger plans for myself.

That’s about it. Thank you talia. Are there any shout outs or someone you like to thank?
Umm thanks to Morgan, my BLasian brotha, Mickee, Viet, & everyone @ VIP for my photo shoot! Shout out to my Babe Blvd family, & all my homies back on the east coast. oh, & a big what up to Pharrell.. I see you lookin.. lmao <3

Photo by Vietographer

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