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Ronald Tiu

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Hometown: downey ca

Affliation: me myself and i

What’s your name buddy???

>Ronald tiu

So whats up with you and four doors/Sedans?

>I’m semi clostrophobic I guess u could say. I like to have a lot of room in my car. Lol, also I like to hella pack people in my cars, except the is-f haha.

You are pretty in tune with the automotive industry, what do you think of how 2011 will be?

>big companies are gonna close down, which sucks. there’s too much fake stuff going around and all these poser “rice kids”(and adults lol) are messing up the market. Magazines are gonna go bye bye too and that’s a shame but the internet is king so what do u expect? Things will get better hopefully.

So you went from an xB to an Evo to an ISF such a crazy transition.

>ok mickee u need to get ur timeline right bro lol. I went from a 93 civic sedan to a 2001 civic sedan to an evo, turned the 01 civic into my beater, then I got the xb and turned that into my beater. And now I got the is-f and the evo’s my beater lol.

For a minute you had a regular IS350…

>not that I know of…but u might have seen me driving my ex’s is250 hahaha!

So when you heard about what did you think of it?

>I thought it was hella dope. Mitt has the hottest girls and the most gangster cars!

I think besides for DangerMike aka Morgan you are one of the biggest Hypebeast I know.

>yeah I get that a lot. But hey who cares, I like beasting!

What kind of beasty shit do you collect???

>shoes, jeans, clothes, transformers, old voltron stuff, other japanese toys.

Care to elaborate on that Crooks n Castle Medusa Tattoo you have?

>hahaha! Well, I have always liked medusa ever since I was a kid..she looked hella evil and she’d mess u up if u stared into her eyes. So then crooks released some medusa shirts and what not and I hella liked the logo so I put it on my back.

Anyways, what are your future plans for the ISF, I mean its a clean look already but any more addition?

>I plan on doing the whole car audio system for sure, and the rest is still up in the air. The monthly payment’s a bitch so I gotta budget. No more shoes for now lol.

Well Thank you for your time, and it has been a pleasure. Any shoutouts,

> sponsor plug, or hate?

>thanks to clark ishihara of vip auto salon for putting this together for me, dave chen of vip status for teaching me some blackjack skills and always tryin to spar with me, G of vip status for workin on the fenders and setting the wheels up, guy of vip status for always washing my car lol, harris of instyle graphics for the vinyl and my cell phone protectors lol,
kevin of vip status for giving me someone to yell at…himself. hahaha jk. Jon of jic for telling me that my stock suspension wasn’t stiff enough and that he’d make it better,  to adam of jic for hookin it up and calling me a player all the time, and steven of JIC hookin up sema and showing me how to be a true asian. Thanks to paul at hankook for the rubbers and to luxer for lighting up the darkness. To MITT for keeping this car industry a good place to be in. And a huge thank you to jayson guzman for teaching me everything I know. I wouldn’t be fixing up cars if it weren’t for him. I’m outties.

Interviewed by Mickee Zenarosa


Interior: Luxer BRM 21 LED Interior and Lighting

Suspension: JIC FLT-TAR full coilover suspension.

Exterior: lexon front lip and roof wing

Engine: joe z intake

Exhaust: Performance Tube Systems Joe Z Series primary cat-back exhaust

Wheels: work vs-fx. Front 20×9.5 Rear 20×11 work anodized blue lugnuts

Tires: hankook ventus s1 evo front 245/30/20 rear 255/35/20

Photographer: Vietographer

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