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Mickee Zenarosa December 13, 2010 Blog No Comments

So i was writing an entry on my Blackberry and I had written a long piece about the movement and influence of FATLACE and HELLAFLUSH in Jakarta, Indonesia but as i was uploading the picture i took on my phone it deleted my entry for some reason so now that I have a decent internet connection here in Singapore I will rewrite it once again.

During my recent trip in Jakarta for Djarum Black Autoblackthrough (coverage will be posted soon) earlier this month we were invited to judge the Final battle of the show for the year. Along with the judging duties, we were also interviewed by local tv news about the difference of the automotive scene between US and Jakarta, how the modifying of cars differs from each other or its similarities. Coincidently, one of the tv crews said that he had recognized me from the forums from car events. I havent been active in any automotive forums for quite sometime. Anyways, we caught up for about 10 or so minutes after our interview and he mentioned to me about the following and the movement in Jakarta regarding HellaFlush meets and the way people modify their cars.

He mentioned that there is a weekly meet within the modifiers in Jakarta that are actively following the same style in US. I was surprised to hear this because, from the 3 years i have been going to this event I have seen it progressively follow the same trend that the US market have seen, granted it is very slow it is actively getting closer and closer each year. Although there are still different style of modifying their cars in Jakarta due solely because of the parts availability. I think in years or in months to come, sooner or later the same car modifying trend will catch up to the US trends of today.

There were maybe 1 or 2 cars that were present in the show, he mentioned that these type of guys are not interested in showing their cars because it is not what the normal way or what is popular yet in Jakarta. I told him that he should spread the word and try to get this movement moving, we want to see more of these cars as we are familiar and accustomed to see them in US.

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