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Neek – Scion Xb

Mike Morgan January 6, 2011 Blog, Featured, Featured Cars 2 Comments

2009 BSP Scion XB a.k.a Toyota Corolla Rumion in Japanland

Interior: Junction Produce Curtains / Junction Produce Neckpads / Rumion Woodgrain Dash Kit / Wink Mirror /  Custom Super high “Dildo” Shift knob!!

Exterior: Rumion Front Emblem, Rumion rear badges, Rumion Wing, Home Depot Front Lip, Rear wiper delete, Custom 2am Widened Fenders.. haha!

Suspension: K-sport coilovers riding with no rear perches

Wheels: Work Euroline DH silver polish  Front: 18×9.5+15 / Rear 18×10+30 w/ 215/40/18 all around..strettcchhhh


Who is neek supreme?

I am 22 years old an avid Japanese porn viewer who also works for your favorite streetwear company today. I take photos of random and interesting things that spark my interest. I also work full time doing marketing/sales at Stussy Las Vegas. Blog for various websites such as,, and of course my very own website. Cruising the streets of Vegas and beyond with the Lowballers crew…

Where can we spot neek rolling?

You can see me rolling pretty slow and you might want to cut me off in the streets of Las Vegas, Usually heading to the shop (Stussy LV)  or heading to your nearest wingstop for some lemon pepper wangs. And taking out speedbumps at UNLV…


How long have you been into cars?

Since I was a little kid, buying hot wheel cars and playing Tokyo extreme racer on dreamcast. Sketching car designs on paper, which I recall drawing the new Honda CR-Z back when I was about 10 years old. I swear if I find that drawing again I will fax it to Honda…

How do you see the car lifestyle and streetwear come together?

You can see the same kids that are into the car scene wear the same streetwear company’s nowndays. Just go to a meet or gathering and see for yourself. I like the car culture because it brings people together, That is why I came up with the Lowballers amongst my friends. Seeing people enjoy themselves at a meet having a good time is what it’s all about. I used to have weekly VIP car meets in front of the Shop (StussyLV) but not anymore because of the parking lot situation… I still have people coming to the shop that is into the Car scene on a daily basis. It’s like a mini car meet everyday haha! Everyday I constantly think of new ideas to bring the two cultures together

You’re pretty famous, what do you think of haters?

From High school until today hate is always lurking around the corner. I don’t even think about it since I am used to it.  No matter what you do or the things you create people are going to hate because they got nothing else better to do. Just keep doing you and at the end of the day know that making yourself succesful is what it’s all about…

When you heard of modelsofthetrunk what did you think of it?

I thought of dead models in the trunk pretty sadistic should I say? Haha.

what can you say about the vegas lifestyle?

I hate the Las Vegas Strip people think that locals go to the strip everyday. Hell if you go to the strip you probably have bad gambling habits or an alcoholic. It is good for video rolling shoots and epic middle of traffic photoshoots thou! Haha. No seriously, Vegas is a love and hate relationship. Depending on who you hang out with will effect what kind of person you will be. Las Vegas is a small city with a lack of culture. Living here for almost 13 years, I have seen people come and go.  It’s hard to find good trusting people out here but maybe im just saying that. But lets not talk about all the negative things Vegas has to offer…It can be a chill and relaxing gateaway or it can be the other way around. What happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas is a true statement.

What can we expect from neek in 2011?

Lookout for my brand LURKN to be around the corner wherever you go.  More new things to pop off here at Stussy Las Vegas and more blogging from my websites. And I hopefully find a Japanese girl…

Any shoutouts, plugs, and thanks?

I would like to thank Mike from MITT for the feature and keeping me company on facebook chats on lonely nights…hahaha. Thanks to the LOWBALLERS crew from all over the nation for supporting! Word!

Interviewed by Mickeefree

Photography Gideon Perez

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