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Eva Skye

Mike Morgan March 26, 2011 Featured, MiTT Models 3 Comments



Name: Eva Skye
Ethnicity: Chinese
Hometown: New Jersey
Measuremments: 33B-26-36
Hair Color: Currently Brown
Eye Color: Varies
Website: *Facebook fan page will be up in a few days. Don’t forget to “like” me =D thank you~!*


Do you have any nicknames that you go by? and if so explain why?

Nope. Just Eva or Eba or Eh Va depending on who’s trying to say my name lol

How do you like the current city you live in? what are some of the cool things that goes on there?
I love the city I live in right now. Everything is nice and conveniet. I can literally walk to my favorite tea place. As for cool things I wouldn’t know haha Im usually too busy working.

What is your current occupation? what do u do for a living?
Im currently pursuing a career in the healthcare industry. I model on the side for fun.


What is your story?
Born in the States, raised in Taiwan till I was 5 then moved to LA and I’ve been here ever since. I majored in Fashion Design but ended pursuing a career in healthcare. As for modeling, I kind of stumbled into the industry. I started off from cosplaying at conventions (if you don’t know what cosplaying means you should look it up. It basically means I am a huge nerd hahaha) A friend of mine saw my pictures suggested that I should get into modeling. Everything started branching out from there

Also what is in the future for Eva? What can we see her doing soon?
I have a few projects in line at the moment. You can catch me at MFest and Extreme Autofest season opener. Don’t forget to come say hi! =D
As for the future~ who knows. But Im always open to new opportunities

Can you speak any languages and if so can u say something sexayy?
I can speak mandarin fluently but I prefer to convey my thoughts with japanese expressions. I don’t know sexy but I know how to say something cute in Japanese haha.
“Anata wa da~i~su~ki <3″ =)


What do you do for fun? you brought a bottle of saki to the shoot. Do u like to Party!!? haha
I like to have fun but not necessarily party. I brought the saki because I was nervous for the shoot. Nothing better than liquid courage =D

What is the craziest thing that you have ever done?
Mmm that would be sneaking out of the house by climbing down a telephone pole from the second floor lol

Are you single? Dating? Married? Got kids?
Im currently dating =)

What did you think of Mike Betts camaro? What is your favorite type of car?
I really liked his camaro. Very clean but aggresive. His trunk was a bit tiny for me though haha.
I’d have to say my favorite type of car at the moment is the Audi Q5 *heart!!!*

Do you have any shout outs or anyone you would like to thank?
I would like to thank the MITT crew for making this happen and Mike for letting me shoot with his sexy camaro. Also would like to thank my family and friends for always being there for me. And last but not least I would like to thank all my wonderful fans for supporting me. Love you all~! <3 =D

Photos by Gideon Perez


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