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Nicole-Marie Reckers

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Name: Nicole-Marie Kiku Reckers
Ethnicity: 50% Japanese, Hawaiian, German, and Dutch
Hometown: La Verne, Ca
Measurements: 32B-25-35
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Brown


Do you have any nicknames that you go by? And if so explain why? Your name is kinda long haha

Haha. I have nicknames like Kiku (my Japanese name), Kikumon (like the soy sauce lol), Kiku Mochi, Ninu and Nicky.

How do you like the current city you live in? What are some of the cool things that goes on there?

Umm well I’m currently in the process of moving, but its nice being close to GMR where I live :)

I see your a Hankook girl now. How did that come to be and how do u like being one?

Yes I am :). Well Hankook had found me in the DSPORT magazine back when they had that model search at Spocom of 2010. I really enjoy working with Hankook. It has given me to oppurtunity to learn more, travel and see the automotive industry from a different view not many get to see.


So whats the story of nicole how did you get into modeling?

Well I grew up around cars, both classics/hot rods and the imports. I have been going to multiple car shows/events or years. Since then, I have worked my way to where I am now.

Also what is in the future for you? What can we see you  doing soon?

In the future huh?…Well I see my self growing as the years come of course, but hopefully make the cover of a few magazines, work with new people, and what ever else life decide to give me.

I can’t really tell but what is your nationality?

Well I am Half Japanese, Hawaiian, German, and Dutch. I get the Japanese and Hawaiian from my mom, and the German, Dutch from my dad. Not to many people can guess what I am lol. Ive gotten things like Latina, Mexican, and Chinese. lol


What do you do for fun? Does Nicole rage!!!?

Rage?? or Rave lol….I do so many things for fun. I LOVE to go to the beach, go to CUE lol and order my mango-strawberry teazer with boba (hint: I LOVE BOBA) ;), nom nom nom… I also help work on cars I enjoy learning new stuff, workout, paint and draw, ohhh and shop like any girl does lol… pretty much I do alot of various things :)

What is the craziest thing that you have ever done?

Craziest thing huh….hmmm….I cant really think of anything crazy that I’ve done, lol maybe when there was an accident on the fwy and I happened to see lots of cars driving up the sidewalk onto the side of a hill to exit the fwy, well let’s just say I did too lol…shhhhhhh! Don’t say anything :/ lol

Are you single? Dating? Married?

ughhhhh, do I have to answer?!?! :P lol just kidding, I am happily dating.

You looked pretty cold during the photo shoot. What mindset did you put yourself through to battle the elements?

Hahaha it was cold! You try being in a swimsuit during the winter lol. What was my mindset, I don’t think you want to know, jk  I just tried to think about my warm jacket, and hot chocolate. yummmyy!


You seem like a car enthusiast, what kinda car do u have now and is it fixed up? Also what is your dream car and when are ya getting it!!?!?

hahah yes I am a BIG car enthusiast. Love cars my whole life. At the moment I drive a Toyota Corolla, great on gas BTW lol. Is is fixed up you ask? Well not much just tint, and stickers lol. Now, my dream car…hmmmmm….well I have multiple cars I would like such as Mitsubishi EVO 9, Subaru STi, Infiniti G37S, BMW M3, or a simple  truck like the Toyota Tacoma, Nissan Titan or Chevy Silverado. lol so many to choose from!! If I had to pick one it would prolly be the EVO or the STi lol. Hopefully you will catch me in one by the end of this year or sometime next year ;)

Do you have any shout outs or anyone you would like to thank?

Yes I do heheh. I want to thank GOD, my Mom, my Dad, Landon Nobuyuki… if it wasn’t for them I would be here or where I am now.
Shout outs to 9K Racing (Andrew <3, Felicia, Joey), Auto Concept Elite, Koji-Kun (bro), Vivian (BFF/sister), Amy, Teena, Molly, Sarah, Katie and all of my friends, family and fans thank you for all your love and support. I Love You all!!!


Photography by Gideon Perez

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