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Nikita Esco

Mike Morgan October 4, 2011 Blog, Featured, MiTT Models 1 Comment

Name: Nikita Esco
Ethnicity: 1/2 French 1/2 Chinese
Hometown: San Diego
Measuremments: 32c-24-34
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color:Brown


Do you have any nicknames that you go by? and if so explain why? No not really.

Where are you from originally and how does it differ from where you’re now?
I’m originally from Bremerton, WA It’s a super small Navy town across the Puget sounds of Seattle. Southern California is way different. first starting with the beautiful weather we get all year long. In Washington it’s always cold, muggy & raining. Sunny weather tends to make people happier. Plus I can wear my cute open toe shoes all year long.

I remember the very first picture I saw of yourself, You were sitting in a red bean bag chair *Implied*.. And i thought wow this girl is hot! did you get into modeling?

I started in the entertainment business as a professional Chinese cultural dancer. By 14 I had performed with a dance troupe across Europe and parts of Asia. By 16 I was teaching a dance class in Chinatown Seattle to girls ages 5-11, they were Super cuties. My other hobby was driving fast cars. I used to have a 92 prelude that got me a lot of speeding tickets when I was younger.  Because of my love for cars I attended  The Hot Import Nights Show about 8 years ago when they were in Seattle. My friends convinced me to enter the Import Tuner Magazine model search and I actually ended up winning for Seattle. I was published in the next months issue and have been working in the Import Industry circuit since, and loving every moment.

What does your tattoo on your shoulder mean? and whats it from?
My Tattoo means “Big Fish” in Arabic. I’m a Pisces woman who’s a “Big fish” in a little pond.


Also what is in the future for you? What can we see you doing soon?
I just finished filming a Horror film called “Shiver” I play a waitress named Kathy who gets murdered. It’s still in production but when I find out the release date I will let you know. I’m hoping from this film it can lead to more acting gigs.

What do you do for a work out? any advice for the fatboy like myself?
I dance and I run. Running is best way to burn off fat. Anything high cardio that gets your heart rate up. Like dancing or running. I’m obsessed with “Get Insanity” work out DVD. I’m strangely attracted to the instructor Shawn T.

When its time to rage and have fun? What is it that you do?
When I Rage & Have fun it’s when I have no other responsibilities the next day. Then I RAGE and tell people “I’m Sottaly Tober” lol But really I’m a very responsible party person and I always look out for my friends too. I know my limits and I never forget to keep my composure.

What is the craziest thing that you have ever done?
I crashed a civic Hatchback once because I was DWD (Dancing While Driving). In my defense my tires were bald and it started pouring down rain.


Do you have any special talents you’d like to share? what kinda of hobbies do you have?
I know tradition Chinese cultural dances, can speak a little Mandarin (Chinese), & have been taking acting classes for the last 2 years.

Did u really think you could fit in the trunk of the audi R8 the whole time?
hahah Absolutely I have great balance and the reflexes of a cat.


Do you like music?? what artist or band do you like the most.. and explain why?
I love all music except Country and Southern Gangsta Rap. I don’t know what it is,  but no matter how hard I try I just can’t make out what rappers are saying. I think I’m tone def to their low pitch growling voices.


Got Any advice for young Models out there?
Yes I have a lot of Advice. So much I should write a book about it.

Rule #1 Your body is your business take care of it. Drink water, wash your face every night,  and work out. Cause if someone else is taking care of their body better then you. For sure they’ll book the gig first.

Rule#2 You’re a dime out of a dozen. Looks can only get you so far. You have to have a personality, be easy to get along, and no matter what’s going on in your personal life leave it at home.

Rule#3 Your image is everything.Never give into peer pressure if you feel uncomfortable doing some thing “Don’t do it!” no matter what, never chase money. Know who you are, and always stay true to it.  I have about a dozen other pointers if someone really needs advice they can email me. I usually respond

Do you have any shout outs or anyone you would like to
Yes to my Besties who I trust and love so much. Krys Angeles, Michelle Yee, Monique Myriah, Ida Boujie & Jenny Chu We keep each other strong in this industry. Without true friends like you girls to work with I would have gone crazy and cutt all my hair off years ago.


Photographed by Gideon Perez

Shot on location at Auto Talent


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