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Wek’fest event in review

Mickee Zenarosa February 27, 2012 Blog No Comments

Wekfest was another successful yet a catastrophic event to start the new year. I say catastrophic because the event was not any better in regards to organization and presentation of the show. A few points that should have been appointed from last year and should have been improved upon were starting a ticket pre-sale system or some sort of ticket booth for the attendees. This would have eliminated the enormous 2-3+ hour of wait to get into the show. Parking was very hard as well. The lack of parking lot spots was an addition to the waiting game. Having to look for parking beyond the parking lot into the residential was insane. Walking at least 15 minutes from the residential area to the venue added inconvenience.

The venue would’ve worked out okay but the layout of the event was just not optimized. It did not make sense to put vendor booths right by the entrance. This created a bottleneck as attendees wanted to check them out and purchase stickers, tshirts and take pictures with the models. The vibe was the same from the past events, the attendees were enthusiastic about the cars, models, and vendors of the show. The general feeling I had about the show was that it can expand to a bigger and more successful show, having attended the last 3 wekfest up in san francisco and 1 in long beach it has great potential to be a very successful automotive event. The event organizer/producer have to look at the bigger picture and understand that its one of the most anticipated events in california and expand accordingly!

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