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Hot Import Nights Pomona

Mike Morgan March 12, 2012 Blog, Coverage, Featured No Comments

The show season in so cal has finally started. And Hin was the group that rung it in. With all the issues they went through with locations. They decided to use Pomona raceway . Pretty much  where the  birth of Import car shows began. As i walked  through the doors it shot me back to 2001. The Hall where I pretty much grew up in competing against other Import car enthusiast.  But I was still spoiled and was still used to the old  Hin the way it was a couple years ago. When they would go H.A.M and have  big name acts.  Quality of cars were on point.  Although there were a few dub style vehicles, but to every person their own preference.  Model lounge had a lot of great gals.. and the not so great. Yes i will say it… Some girls looked like they didn’t even want to be there. That kind of enthusiasm just doesn’t fly for me. And not to be mean, but some were just.. what were you thinking?? Imo  HIN.. they need to bring back the fun factor for spectators. Yes there is TnA, And Yes there are cars.. but Gogo showoffs and some dancing on the stage just doesn’t cut it these days. Its a good start for HIN. lets just hope it can keep evolving as it has in the past.



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