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AutoCon 2012 Santa Anita

Mickee Zenarosa July 23, 2012 Blog, Coverage No Comments


Event: AutoCon 2012

Location: Santa Anita/Arcadia

AutoCon was put together by Nathan Leon and Justin Fong and invited a great mixture of cars from southern California. The blazing heat wasnt so friendly during the show. I cant even imagine how the roll in and set up went since it was a one day event. I got to the venue around 3pm and the heat was at its peak of sub 100 degrees and I felt like melting. Good thing the show had plenty of vendor booths that i was able to steal shade from and got to talk with some friends to kill time once I was done taking pictures. I am sorry if the coverage lacked  girls/”models” as I just really didnt care to snap pictures of them beside for Dannie Riel, but she came late and there was a huge crowd at the model lounge when she did arrive, so i just gave up.

The show also had a lot of food trucks in attendance to feed everyone which was pretty cool cause you had different varieties of food to choose from. The show’s entertainment wasnt so entertaining at all, I personally didnt care for the music the DJ was playing on the main stage, but I guess hey hired him for a reason. Naderi was the MC for the day  and he kept it pretty interesting when he was on the mic as we all know his antics. This was my first Autocon event and didnt know what to expect and i missed the first one last year in Irvine, since I was in Asia for another show. I was talking to a few friends who did attend the last show and they said it was still the same unorganized itinerary, looked fine to me…

Anyways, here are the few cars that caught my eye.

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