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Name: Trinity Dang
Ethnicity: Vietnamese
Hometown: San Jose
Measurements: 34-25-36 Height: 5’6”
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Grey/Brown



How did the name Trinity come about? And do you have any nick names?
Trinity?! That’s my name that my mama gave me. No nicknames, just Trinity :)

You are from San Jo..What kind of things are there to do in Nor Cal these days?
Hm.. San Jo. Def not as many things to do as SoCal, but I do love the Bay!  There’s a few good eats over here.


What is your take on education  and are you currently in school?
I believe education is really important and it helps form you into the person you want to become. I am currently in school, perusing my degree in Communications and I love it.

What are some of your favorrite foods? and do you get down and grubbbb?
oh I GRUBBB. My FAVORITE food is SEAFOOD. You SEE FOOD, and EAT IT! haha jk But I do love my seafood!!

How did you get into modeling?
I got into modeling because I did a photo shoot with one of my close friends and everything kind of just blew up from there!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What are some of your life goals?
In 5 years I see myself graduated from school(finally) and with a steady job. Hopefully a job that lets me travel the world because that is definitely one of my life goals.


Have you traveled much? What are some of your favorite places you have adventured?
I’ve been all around California, Vegas, Reno, Miami, Canada, Hawaii, Macau, and Vietnam. But my top favorite places that I would want to go would definitely be Tokyo, New York, and Australia.

Do you work out?? Got any tips for us fat kids??
I don’t work out!! Tips for fat kids?? Don’t eat after 9!!!! :P

I remember the first time we met you at HIN LA last year.. lookin foinee n stuff (haha) What did you think of MITT’s approach to shoot you?
haha MITT is awesome! I clearly remember all 3 of you guys standing there just looking at me haha then you guys came up and introduced yourselves. It was great because you guys made me feel really comfortable -especially me being at my first car show :)

So is Trinity a chill person or does she like to RAGE!?!?!?
Trinity is def chill. I am a huge homebody and only rage on special occasions. But when I rage… ITS ON!!!!

Since you are considered a “Import Model”. What do you think of the automobile industry? And what would be  your all time favorite car?
I think the automobile industry is great but my ultimate goal as a model is to reach out to all industries and cater to different types of people and crowds as well. Especially internationally! But that doesn’t change the fact that my fav car is a Mercedes SLR McLaren.. :)


Are you single or taken? Or a heart breaker?
You’re gunna have to hang out with me to find ouuttt ;)

What are some of the craziest things that you have ever done?
One of the craziest things I have ever done was take a last minute flight with my girlfriends to Vegas and stayed up a WHOLE 80 HOURS (more than 3 days) and RAGED!!!! :P Told you when I rage its on! ;)

Do you have any weird or special talents?
I can read minds. …so I know what you’re thinking!!!! ;P

What do you think of the concept Models in the Trunk?
The concept of Models in the Trunk is creative. I remember you guys telling me the story about how it started and I think its great that you guys have come SO far off such a sudden idea! :)


What kind of music completes you?
I have to say I love country. I’m a country girl at heart and that completes me. Of course I do like all other types of music as well though: alternative, hip hop, r&b, house, trance, etc.

Got Any advice for young models out there starting up?
DREAM BIG GIRLS! Reach for the moon, because even if you miss, at least you’ll be amongst the stars :)<3

Is there anything else you would like to talk about yourself?
Hm.. I think there’s a lot more to me. It think it would be impossible to get to know me through this interview. Come meet me in person! Get to know me :)

Do you have any shout outs plugs or anyone you would like to thank?
I’d like to thank all of my family, friends, fans and supporters. Everybody who’s keeping touch with me through facebook, following me on instagram, twitter, and tumblr- @TrinityDang. I love you all and I’m so happy my life can give you an enjoyment. I’d also like to thank you MITT for having me and featuring me. These interview questions were great and creative! I’m so happy I met you guys. And for all of you I haven’t met yet, I look forward to hopefully meeting you soon!! <3 xoxo Trinity Dang


Photographed by Randy Ly

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