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All projects transitions from one vision to another and JP Cao’s ’95 civic EG was no different. The cars popularity started with a JDM inspired Spoon Racing motif, the panda look it sported was very familiar to everyone. JP Cao could be seen at several local meets and carshows throughout southern california and onlookers ensued to check out his ride. His car was first immortalized infamously through a magazine not because it was featured, but it was due to being pulled over by police at the Eibach meet. The police then ordered him to either tow his car all the way to Long Beach or they could impound it and face heavy fees.

I have been in contact with JP since then and we’ve exchange ideas and he told me that he is transitioning to a new full color change, a motor swap, and a few interior changes. When he told me that he was going with a candy root beer, I wasnt too sure how it would turn out. JP had a vision on how he was going to make this car standout more than how he had it before. He went on to work on the car little by little and taking a whole new aspect of building a car that would separate him from other Civic EG owners.

JP’s idea went beyond what I had expected on what the car’s end product would be. JP went ahead and had the his engine bay looking different by copper dipping numerous parts that would set off a very high contrast and create a buzz amongst the viewers. Following through with his vision, he was awarded with numerous magazine feature, the ones that he wanted, not mistakenly like his previous run in. I am glad that we have been able to shoot his car for it has some interesting history behind it.

Name: J.P. Cao
Car: 95′ Civic Dx Hatchback
Crew/Affiliation: Founder / Co founder of The DPK.

-Custom Wrapped LV interior.
-Carbon fiber bucket seats with 5 point cam lock harness.
-6 point with optional door bar Autopower roll cage.
-Momo race steering wheel with Sparco quick release and hub.
-PWJDM shift knob and shift boot.
-Greddy white face gauges. Boost, Oil pressure, EGT.
-Sard Trigger boost controller.
-Complete EM Racing “Z” bar set up.
-JDM SiR2 Gauge Cluster, arm rest, and center console.
-Apexi turbo timer.

-House of Kolor Kandy Rootbeer stage 3 paint job.
-Carbon fiber spoon lip, hood, trunk hatch, doors, spoon wing, custom fuel gas door, R Crew canards, custom side corner lights, spoon mirrors, PWJDM headlight scoop and headlight block out w/ custom “bling” gauge, and a custom rear under body diffuser.
-JDM bumpers, door visors, fenders, complete glass, thin side moldings, and taillights.
-Custom mounted PWJDM front tow hook, remote battery terminals and a exterior battery main kill switch.
-36 way adjustable D2 Racing coilovers.
-SRR rear lower control arms.
-ASR subframe brace with Type R rear sway bar.
-Skunk2 front and rear camber.
-Blox rear trailing arm spherical bushing and tow adjustment.
-Carbing front lower tie bar.
-Brembo crossed drilled slotted rotors.
-Earls stainless steel braided lines.
-Rear disc brake conversion.
-15×7 CUSTOM Copper dipped Regamaster Evo’s “dpk edition”
-Dunlop rubber 205/50/15.
-Work lug nuts

-1.8 liter B18B Turbo charged power plant.
-Koyo Radiator with Greddy breather tank overflow with Samco hoses.
-Equal length Sparks Racing turbo manifold.
-t3/t4 Garrett Ball bearing turbo charger.
-Custom Copper plated engine bay pieces.
-Shaved engine bay.
-Wire tuck with hidden engine harness.
-Rigid 3point strut bar.
-Innovated stage 2 race engine mounts.
-Blox intake manifold.
-Greddy Type RS Blow off valve.
-Custom 3 inch velocity stack.
-Custom 3 inch open down pipe.
-2.5 inch charge pipes.
-Tial Waste gate.
-STR fuel rail with Marshall liquid fuel pressure gauge.
-Buddy club cam gears.
-Sard fuel pressure regulator.
-Carbing oil catch tank.
-Custom shaved valve cover.
-T1R oil and radiator caps.
-Turbo XS LARGE front mount intercooler.
-My I pod playlist and some ear buds.




Who are you and where can we see the car rolling?
Wassup MITT! My name is J.P. I am currently a Culinary Arts student at The Art Institute of Orange. I’ve been all around working with companies like Password JDM, JHPUSA, JDM Carboy, Shine Street, and also Rywire. You can see the car rolling around the city of Long Beach in such areas from the West side, East side, North side, and the Wrigley side.

I’ve known your car almost from its beginning state and have been in numerous transformation, what have been the most memorable thing about the hatch?
The most memorable thing would definitely be my Honda Tuning Cover Feature… From having my city plastered all over the front cover to having a self portrait of me and my boys on the inside feature will go down in “LB” history.

Yes, I know you did it for the bitches?
Lol you must be talking about the Louis Vuitton interior right Mickee? but No I did it for the females… bitches don’t get a ride!

Remember your infamous picture on Honda-tuning when you and I was standing next to your car while it was getting towed at Eibach?
Haha the first time I actually made it into the magazine… it wasn’t my ideal way but it worked out good… Damn we go wayyy back.

From a weird spotlight to a few magazine features which magazines and awards have you received?
-Cover feature for Honda Tuning magazine.
-Import Tuner magazine feature.
-Also featured for,, and of course
-Best EG showoff award for 2007 and 2008 at Nisei Showoff.
-Best of Show award from Cerritos NRH car show, NWP4Life summer nights, Japan Expo auto show.
-Best Engine Bay award from Import Show off Classic Pomona.
-Best Paint Job award from Hot Import Daze San Diego.
-People’s Choice award from Formula Drift showoff, and JDM vs DTM China Town showoff.
-1st place Civic class award from Import Showoff classic, Hot Import nights LA, Hot Import nights Long Beach, Import Revolution San Mateo.
-2nd place Honda Class award from Torco car show, and Extreme autofest San Diego.
-3rd place Tuner Car of the Gathering from JDM Theory car show San fransico Japan town, and So Cal Fontana Speedway.
-1st place JDM award from Extreme Autofest Chula Vista.
-2nd place Best FWD vehicle award from Norm Reeves Honda car show.
-Racer’s Edge Race Day People Choice Award.
-1st place award Kalayaan expo and car show.

Tell us about DPK.
Well for the people who really don’t know much about us… were all actually really close friends… having the same interest and work ethic in cars was the actual bonus… having dinner together as a group is a common thing… When we started the dpk we all wanted to leave an impression in the scene that wouldn’t be forgotten… there is a right way and there is a wrong way when it comes to fixing up a car but there really isn’t any rules… we came out with our own style that just flipped the script on your average honda… some people liked it and loved it, and some it just wasn’t for them… but it the end we did it for the respect and in the end were still standing. I get asked a lot about how someone can join the dpk… and simply were looking for homies first and cars after… and for those who wonder what the dpk stands for. Ill help you out a little bit…

D_ _ _ P _ _’
P _ _ T _ _ S
K _ E _ _

So the car have reached its ending point, what are your future plan or next project?
The only thing left to do is to enjoy the car… as of 2012 the car is registered back on the streets and I will be driving it on a regular basis (…and yea I drive it on the street just like that). Next project I’m currently working on is a 69′ VW Beetle with some DPK style… slowly but surely it will be out there.

So what did you think of modelsinthetrunk when you heard about it?
I thought it was a great concept from the start… stuffing hot females in the trunk of sick cars… you can never go wrong… I’m glad to be a part of it!

Any plugs, shout outs?
Big thanks to the ATS fam up in norcal… Miracle Whips!, Joey and May from Chronicles, DPK D-Rail and the crew at JHPUSA, DPK Ryan and DPK David at Rywire, Matt “Rodrez” at Honda Tuning Magazine, Fred and the crew at Autofashion, Ken and the crew at Weksos, Louie at LCON, Alex and Fat Kid at Ballade, Preston and Rob at F2 autolife, DPK Sheepey at web camshafts, Brad and Leo at Passwordjdm, Long Beach Clothing, West Wing LB clothing, Lavish Clothing, Kleenest Culture Clothing, Sonny at Franklin Autobody, Tony and Big Abe from It’s JDM Yo!, DPK Slappy and the crew from May Day garage, Vivian Nguyen the beautiful model, Jacob Leveton for his photography, Cesar at Wrenchpro, Phaze2 homies, Skankz Homies, Squadz homies, AS1 homies, Techna homies, Showstopper homies, Kosoku Homies, Plus one homies, Hasback homies, NWP4Life homies, The Tjin Brothers, The Supertwins, Jeremy Odvina, Jay Odvina, Mike P, Mike G, DPK Jimmy, DPK Black Pie, DPK RV, DPK Carlos, DPK Chuy, DPK Henry, DPK Jared, DPK Rudy, Ryan O, Black Ant, Tyco RC, Albert “jun” Barnum, Dj Murdok Photography, Tokenphoto Mike Photography, Randy Phat Photography, and of course the MITT crew!… I really tried hard to remember everyone who supported me and for those who I forgot about drinks on me!

Interview and story by Mickee Zenarosa

Photographed by Jacob Leveton

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