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Lynhthy Nguyen

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Name: Lynhthy Nguyen
Ethnicity: Vietnamese
Hometown: Corona, CA
Measurements: 32B-24-33
height: 5’4 Hair
Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Dark Brown

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Hello Miss Pockets!!? wait wtf what is a Lynhhthy Pockets? and what other nick names are you known by?

Hi!! Lint balls, Balls, Linty vagina, Vagina, Lynhts / Lynts / Lints, Lyntal, Lin-tee, Tofu

Where are you from and how why the hell did I think you were in Irvine?

Corona, CA and probably because I spent most of my adulthood get edumacated in the safest city in America with my the rest of Asia! (UCI = University of Chinese Immigrants) :D


So you went to UCI? dang gurrl u smart.. so like, what did you major in and how are you prepped for your future?

lol Yeah, I’ve been addressed as a smarta** from time to time ;P (JK, but not really bahahah). Cognitive Sciences; So effing ready! Bring it! UH, nah-nah nah-nah! ;P

Does lynhthy like to grub?? What are some of you favvvvorite foods?

Considering I’m pescastarian (seafood, no meat; and no, not Presbyterian like the Christian denomination haha) and a health nut, I’m kind of a Whole Foods addict. I love kale, sushi, fake / alternative meats like seitan and tempeh, and Vietnamese food!

r7m8868 **WEE-ER WEE-ER**! haha. I’ll cut you a some slack if you’re trying to spell it for the first time since there’s 2 silent ‘H’s, but if it’s right there in front of you, just as it is here, you better spell that ish right (which you didn’t) [Taps foot impatiently waiting for correction] =P

Do you do much traveling? What are some of your favorite places you have traveled and why?

I don’t travel too too often because I’m trying to establish myself in LA, but this past year I’ve done more traveling than I’ve ever done before for work. I love the beach so I love going back to Hawaii plus the people there are just a lot nicer haha, Vietnam because of the amazing food (I gained 5 lbs. in less than a week :D <– happy fatty), Guam because I made some of the most amazing memories there, and finally Seattle, WA because it’s super green and eco-friendly :)


You do look pretty tone and ripped. What kind of work outs do you have? and how do you stay fit?

Why thank you [Starts flexing] JK! haha. I’m a professional dancer. I perform anywhere from 3-6 times per week and try to take class (contemporary jazz, ballet, etc.) when I can so I’m definitely get my cardio iiin. Just started up aerial (hoop/lyra + silks) and I’m a health nut! :D

Where do we see Lynhthy pockets in 5 years?

Dang, dirty 30, haha. I hope to see myself as a highly established and well respected Professional Dancer / Performer, Spokesmodel, Model, On-Camera Host. By then I see myself being a successful Entrepreneur as well who can comfortably retire my parents the way I’ve always wanted. I’d like to be more involved in non-profit organizations and start my own. Like I mentioned, I want to be the Asian Oprah :]. She’s exceptional in everything that she does and gives back so much. I really admire that, O!

Does Lynthy like to party? I mean does she RAGE OUT!!!! or is she a chill lets drink coffee and sleep type person.

Again with the misspelling of my name. Do you want to fight? JK, haha. I’m super high energy– I don’t drink coffee, I fight sleep and am highly functional on very little (sleep when you’re dead ;D). I used to be a hardcore rager, but being in nightlife has made the party scene less attractive to me. When I’m out, my workaholic side comes out and I start thinking, “I should be working”. That doesn’t make me any less fun though, I’m ridiculous as it ;P

Btw do you who this is????  

Not the Editor of Import Tuner, is it?! [Hyperventilates] HAHAHA

Being in a model in the automotive industry? are you into motorsports and cars?What are some of your favorite cars and would like to own one day?

I do like cars, I just don’t know much about them and have every intention on learning more about the industry that I’m starting to involve myself in. I have a crazy weakness for Audi R8s [Swoon] :D


Do you think of yourself as a good driver? (haha)

Hey now, why are you already laughing? hahaha. I’m a good driver, just a distracted one =/. I plan on getting a driver as soon as I can afford the expense! :]

Are you Single or taken? or a heart breaker?

Single; Pat Benatar?

What are some of the craziest things that you have ever done?

What do I do that’s NOT crazy?? haha. Jumped out of a plane, got hospitalized for having too much fun, hitch hiked from SD to LA, passed out in a performance apparatus while working, etc. Please don’t try any of that stuff at home or anywhere for that matter.

Do you have any weird or special talents you can share?

I used to be able to make my stomach look like I was preggers, but I tried again just last week and failed :’(. Better start training again. I can kind of dance, I guess =P (Ballet, jazz, contemporary lyrical, modern, hip-hop, tap). I’m double jointed and can make really ugly faces :D.


What do you think of our concept Models in the trunk?

Are you fishing for compliments? Because it’s working ;). Love it, even though I think of morbid thoughts too haha.

What kind of music do you like? what inspires you?

House and electro to dance to for effing sure! Also love The Xx.
A lot of things inspire me. A close friend of mine makes fun of me and always says, “What DOESN’T inspire you? haha. Other people’s successes inspire me the most. Leading by example is so true. Most people are just looking for someone relatable that’s just killing it in whatever field they’re pursuing :)

Got Any advice for young Models out there starting up?

Be nice to everyone, but trust no one. Alexia Lei was actually the one to advise me those wise words. I’ve been fortunate enough to not get screwed over by people, but entertainment is generally shade balls. Know your worth. Be genuine, kind, grateful for your successes, and easy to work with. Don’t ever give anyone any reason to replace you, that means keeping on top of everything. If you’re a model and or dancer, you better be in tip-top shape and practicing your craft and developing yourself as an artist. Never be complacent– stay humble, stay hungry. Don’t be scared to put yourself out there, the worst that can happen is you’ll get a ‘no’ and you’ll be in the same spot; you have everything to gain :). Happy goal killing! <3

Is there anything else you would like to talk about yourself?
Nope, pretty sure I talked too much already! haha.

Do you have any shout outs plugs or anyone you would like to thank?

So many! Here goes: My mom and dad first and foremost for supporting me in all my unconventional endeavors and their unconditional love, my friends and family for believing in me when I no longer believed in myself, Mike Munar from HIN for blessing me with one of the most amazing opportunities to date, Tricia + Eugene + Jeff + Rommel + Marcus from Spocom for mentoring me through it all, Kerry from Vision Shock for introducing me to Tricia and always being there, Rishi + Usual Suspects for everything, Matthew (DJ Element) for being there from the start, all the wonderful models, photographers, MUAs, editors that I’ve met in the industry, and finally last and certainly least (JK!), MITT! Thanks so much for having me!

I lied, one last shout out to those who cared enough to make it to the end of this interview, you’re a trooper and I love you! :D <3

Photographed by VIETOGRAPHER

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