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Ojay Bayang

Mike Morgan September 26, 2012 Blog, Featured Cars No Comments

As mentioned by Ojay, patience is everything when it comes to building car projects and parts may take up months to be delivered by the mailman and this can be frustrating. Once all the parts has been collected, another waiting phase initiates when putting it together, whether it be interior pieces or exterior pieces that needs to be installed by the body shop. Time plays a major role in these projects and this is what separates a lot of car hobbyist from each other. Some prefer to do small additions here and there, while some accumulate all the necessary goodies before installing them together. All in all, patience is key to a successful built. Do it right the first time to prevent going back and doing it all over.



Name: Ojay bayang
Car:1991 Lexus ls400
Crew/Affiliation: BP VIP “Bippu Pride”


Louis Vuitton damier ebene full interior
junction produce front table
junction produce neck pads,
junction produce window curtains,
junction produce sun visor,
junction produce tsuna,
junction produce fusa,
junction produce hello kitty freshener,
wood grain coat hangers



Sunset bronze pearl paint,
Insurance group high grade aero kit and fog lights,
shaved front signal lights,
customized front bumper to sit lower to the ground,
narrow shaved exhaust exits,
shaved emblems, molded side skirts and door caps


stock, 1UZFE 4.0 V8
Wheels/Suspension: 20′ Work VS Concept Gear Spoke GS wheels, falken fk452 tires
Audio/Ice: Alpine CVA 1005 in dash monitor

Tell us some of your past projects before this car?

2005 Honda Element, featured in Honda tuning December 2008, affiliated with phaze 2 at the time. 1999 Honda civic Si, affiliated with team Techna at the time.

From the past builds you’ve had, what has been the most fun car and least fun car?

The most fun would be of course my current car now, then my Honda element because even when it was all done up, id drive it as-is when i go out snowboarding or road trips. my Honda civic Si had its ups and downs… I don’t miss that civic one bit!

What’s the hardest part about building a VIP theme car?

In my opinion, its more about patience. to build a legit VIP car usually involves special ordering parts from japan. in my case i was lucky to find the parts i wanted locally, but being impatient and settling for parts just because of availability or price isnt a good path to take. it took me almost 2 years to build this thing. patience and saving up alotta money is what got me where it is now. never settle!

Heard the car is for sale? Any sneak peek of the new project?

LOL!  you know what, i get a lot of my good buddies telling me to keep it because it will always be known as my car, but if i were to build another VIP car id want to sell this one. im in no rush to sell it, but everyone has their price. as far as my next build… i’m still up in the air about that…. but i do have 2-3 cars in mind. and i know for sure whatever i decide on, i’m gonna go bigger and badder than my ls

When you first heard of models in the trunk, what did you think about it?

At first i thought it was a gag website about the homies (Randy and Morgan) making hot girls take pics in their trunk. next thing you know its a real deal haha! but i give props to them.. i been knowing these guys since early ’03! high 5 on all the love you guys get, i love your content.

Shout outs?

my BP VIP brothas, the Autofashion fambam, models in the trunk, hellaflush, the style over comfort fam, fckyourcrew, style63, liberty vip, royal flush, supreme society, team praxis, itsjdmyo, import fashion, infinite auto design, auto explosion,john and my forum brothas from vipstylecars, americas tire co, ross from midnight garage, weksos, pg motoring. and if i forgot any homies/shops that support me but i left you out, my bad!. thanks guys!
Photographed by Michael Morgan/Randy Ly
Interview: Mickee Zenarosa.

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