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Throw on your shell toe Adidas and your kangol cap and hop in my Delorean. Im about to hit 88mph and take you back…. way back…. to the 80s. (o.O) lol

The year is 1985, the place is the Roadium swap meet in Torrance, CA… the person is Andre Young a.k.a Dr. Dre a.k.a the Master of Mixology.

Before the days of the internet and websites like DatPiff and SoundCloud, artists had to get there name out there some how. What better way to get your self heard than a swap meet. The Roadium open air market (swap meet) allowed anyone to pay a small fee and set up shop and sell what you want. From clothes, perfume, electronics to shoes. If you wanted something it was probably sold there and you can get it for cheaper than at your local mall or retail store.
DJs like Battery Brain, Dre and Tony-A (from Hi-C) amongst others would set up shop and make/sell mixtapes. They had 2 1200s and a microphone. Mixing and scratching putting together these mixtapes (literally tapes) together for people to enjoy and to get there name out there.

Well as my first mixtape of Merry Mixmas I give you Dr. Dre’s Goin’ off.
1 hour of old school goodness with that wonderful tape hiss. :P

If you are not old enough to remember this than this is what mixtapes use to sound like back in the day. Man this makes me feel old. lol (>.<)
Actually having a few of these mixtapes solidifies it. lol










Side 1


Side 2

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