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Name: Jeri Lee
Ethnicity: 1/2 Filipina & 1/2 Mexican
Hometown: the OC baby!! Orange County, Southern California
Measurements: 32D – 24 – 35
height: 5’1
Hair Color: natural dark brown (without the colored hair dye)
Eye Color: dark brown (without the colored contacts)
Instagram: mama_lee



Omg Jerilee omg omg hahah.. So jeri ol gal ol friend ol chum Lets go back way in time. When did the Jerilee story start?
It all started inside my moms’ womb and TADA…. JERI LEE WAS BORN!! and I’ve been AWESOME ever since.. =)

I think the first time we ever met you was 2002 at car shop in Cerritos and we were like dangg who dat guhh.. w the goon boyfriend. It time to “SWOOOP” hahaha But back then and now would you have ever thought you would have been where you are today?
Haha, are you guys talking about my “high school sweetheart” at the time, lol!?!? I was fresh out of high school, graduated in 02′. I didn’t know anything about the car/import scene until i was with him and visiting that “car shop” (island motorsports, was it that one!?!?) 
It funny how you say, back then till now – I remember taking these pictures from “Photomakers” (where you take pics, choose your background, and pass them out around)


Do you plan on to continue modeling? What are some of your life long goals? What else could we see you do in the future?
Well, yes I am still modeling! It’s my life and this is my career! I love what I do! I’ve been doing this since I was 3yrs old! But hey, once in a while I still do think about going to school and pursuing my nursing career. Especially when I go visit the doctors office and hospitals, just makes me really think about going back to school! (But I hate school :/) And of course, what else is planned in my future: marriage and children! 

So on facebook it looks like you are always eating bomb ass food. What are some of your favorite things to eat?
I love FOOD!! Junk food, healthy foods, savory and sour foods!! All the above!!! But my all time favorite – I love pancakes & spaghetti (not together, but those 2 have always been a “kid” favorite of mine)…

Some people don’t know but You were one of the reasons Models in the trunk started as being the 1st unofficial photoshoot for us. That was weird putting you in the trunk but look what you started!!! What did you think of the concept and the name?
Haha! I know right. We did well guys! We did well…now where is my cut?!? ;)

I’m not really sure.. but I think you really dgaf about cars. Hahah But if you do what is your dream car own?
Ha, is that a typo?!? Lol!!  Umm dream car: Porsche cayenne! 


So Jeri how do you keep fit? Share your secrets!!!?!
No secrets really!!! High metabolism!!! Lol. I eat like a fatt kid, or as my mom would say: “you eat like you’ve never eaten before” – but I do workout when I can!!!

You travel a lot. You have been to many countries and cities. What would be your most favorite destination and where are some places you plan on going next?

Well I just got back from being in Asia for almost a month and a half!!! I mean I did come back home for thanksgiving, but then after, we left to Thailand! Thailand has always been a dream destination of my and I finally had the chance to go for my birthday!! It was absolutely amazing! And I’m thinking about going again next year!!! It changed my life!!

This next question is.. Does Jeri Like to RAGE or does she just chill? We already know this answer but go head and say it anyway hahah
Haha…I love to play “sometimes”, and at “other” times, I love to just stay home and hang out just with my 2 FAVS!! (My bf & Dino, our pug)


You have a lot of tattoos. Tattoos can mean a lot to a person. What are some of  your favorite pieces and what do they mean?
I now have 27 tattoos. Got a recent tattoo when I was in Thailand on my “ring” finger! All of my ink work has a story/piece behind it! It’s about my life and struggles, ups and downs! But the most meaningful tattoo, “Daddy’s Little Girl” (which I am, and always will be) – my dad passed away in 2003, right before I turned 19yrs old….don’t want to get into too much detail, I’ll start tearing up and crying….just know that it will be 10yrs next year, and it still hurts!! I loved him very very much!!! He was my life…and having one piece of your heart, just tear out of you, is no bueno…

Do you have any hobbies or special talents?
I love to cook for my family and my friends!!

What are some of the craziest things that you have ever done?
Ummm, that’s not allowed to be said in this interview. Lol..


What is the most embarrassing thing that’s has happen to you that you can laugh about?
Haha, one time back when I was dancing at level 3 when I was, “young” – a piece of my hair extension came out, right when I was running my fingers through my hair, since I was sweating…mind that I tell you, the hair extensions we’re clip ons…haha, I was dancing and doing that, and a piece came right off..not sure who saw, but my high school girlfriend classmates saw me, since they were up close….I had a blank look on my face, and they started laughing and so did I…and I hid my hair extension in my gogo boots I was wearing that night, and kept on dancing!! Lol

Does your house have glitter everywhere? hahah
Glitter, Hello Kitty, makeup up, heels, all my merchandise…everything!! I might as well open up a “Jeri Lee” store…


What makes you dance? What kind of music do you like?
I love dancing to house, trance, top 40′s music…

>Got Any advice for young Models out there starting up?
Be humble. Be smart. And know what you’re doing…and don’t forget to always smile!!! 

Is there anything else you would like to talk about yourself?
Let me remind you, that I’m “TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!”

Do you have any shout outs plugs or anyone you would like to thank?
Thank you MITT!! FuckN finally!! Haha. How many years…sheesh!!! Lol, better late then never, right?!?
God bless you all!! And thank you so much for having me!! I love all my family, friends, and fans!! Can’t thank you enough!!! Happy holidays…

Happy Holidays??? oh wait happy memorial day right?? :-x

Photographed by Gideon Perez

Interview Michael Morgan

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