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As I drove up to the 10fwy the flashbacks started to come. There was a time  when I entered  car shows. When I saw the exit for fairplex It  started hitting close to home and then I remembered rolling with the team I was with. We would roll deep up the hill. We Roared all the way up while the neighbors scoff at us in disgust. Our big wings wild paint jobs and stupid conversions but we didn’t care we were the shit.  We were ready to win and take home the trophies and dominate.. in which we kinda did. Well fast forward 10 years later It was just me and my girlfriend this time in a Outlander sport (bless its soul) toughed its way up. As I walked through the lot towards Autocon you can tell the type of people who will be there by the type of cars in the lot. Evos Skylines Bmws littered the lot.  I saw Many familiar faces Old and New everywhere. As you walked into the iconic pretty much the building that started the Import Car show scene. You had the vibe that you were just jumped back in time back into Import Showoff. Autocon came in hard. The type of cars that were in this show were top notch. The latest and Greatest came out to play. The heavy hitters if you must. Every isle had something from Liberty walk wide bodies to ratchet Bunnies and Vip. I been watching Autocon grow and it is becoming something more and more each year. They take car shows to the basics to what a Festival is about. It’s about the cars.. the owners and they just want you to enjoy to what it is to be a enthusiast.   Support #AUTOCON





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