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MOD 14

Mike Morgan August 5, 2014 Blog, Coverage, Featured No Comments

I missed last years Mitsubishi owners day. Even though it was the supposed last one. We all know Mitsubishi has its problems and well things aren’t looking to well. But when I heard a couple months ago there was going to be another Mitsubishi Owners day I had to jump at the chance to check it out. MOD falls on the same day as Spocom so you can see that people will be torn between two. Especially from the EVO community. But there are people who want to just win awards and then there are the ones that want to show appreciation for the vehicle that they have. I came to MOD and I was in out like the flash. But what I did notice about MOD this year. IT WAS PACKED!! More than any other years that I have ever seen before. Yes Most of the cars there were Lancer Evolutions but you have to understand at this time now that is Mitsubishi Flagship. But there was something that did catch my eye. It was a 4wd Outlander Hybrid. Many of the staff were driving these vehicles. I myself own a Evo and Outlander Sport So this kind of intrigued me. I didn’t get chance to take a look inside one but I am sure happy to see a Hybrid Mitsubishi here in the states.


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