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Last Cars & Coffee at Ford /Mazda Headquarters

Jay Jayasiri December 26, 2014 Blog, Coverage, Featured No Comments
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December 20th, 2014-

The last Cars & Coffee in Irvine, CA.

What started out as the 2nd to the last C&C event had an overwhelming showing. Many first timers attended this event for the 2nd to the last time which ultimately ended up being the last event held in Irvine. Which over the past 8 years in California has become an iconic weekend event in the greater Orange County area.

It had even become home to some manufacturers releasing cars; and even celebrities and race-car drivers showing up.

Now for most, the quality of vehicles at a show speaks for itself. As a motor head, one knows that feeling when you recognize a truly special car — that eye opening moment from your eyes O_O when you spot not just an “AMG,” but a “Black Series,” not just an “M” but a “CSL”, not just any “M3″ but a “Sport Evolution”— “I know what that is,” you think, “that car is super rare….” Well, it seemed like every car at Cars & Coffee came with a similar, top-of-the-line badge (i.e. “M,” “R,” “RS,” “SV,” “QV,” “GTS,” “SVO,” etc.). After a few hours of walking around, well this time, it had 3 lots filled with vehicles; wired on Starbucks you’re just left just shaking your head in wonder.

One can see vehicles from concourse; to daily driven pavement hitters here, and even the self crafted kits.

I arrived at 5:50 and the event was pretty much peak at its brim; and the 3rd overflow lot was just about to open up.
All sorts of vehicles were of attendance, from each 911 ever made to even a 959; and even a Delta Intagrale. Exotics, to Imports it was all here.

As the clock rolled near 6:30 the lot near the Marriott started filling up; the line to the coffee and donuts was gridlocked as well.

Some pictures are also added from the C&C Prior where Nakai San was in attendance

What started out as the 2nd to last, had an unprecedented showing, and with the accident of the Miata towards the conclusion of the event, I guess the city of Irvine chose to retire the event.

Many thanks to the volunteers who made this event possible for the past 8 years. But as more and more enthusiasts began to show up earlier and earlier before the 6AM call time it became havoc.

RIP C&C Irvine-


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