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Toyo Tires x Super Street Calendar release

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Toyo Tires x Super Street – Car Meet & Calendar Launch

Thank you Boden Autohaus for opening up your parking lot, and doors to host this event, and allow everyone to attend. The Toyo Tires x Super Street Car Meet and Calendar Launch was held January 17 at Boden Autohaus in Costa Mesa right on the edge of the John Wayne Airport property. All of Saturday, one would see modified vehicles of every street around the meet.

Now with that being said, is the car tuning scene is dead?, or is it?

Tuning trends come and go, but as of recent there have been a lot of lazy car builders, let’s face it the strong era of HIN, NOPI, and Showoff are gone. The recent trends of the “Hellaflush, Stance and Over fender movement(s)”, seem to have brought out a lot of lazy builders, but with that being said, there are those who have been around the scene long enough, or have been mentored or absorbed from the seniors, and junior days of the strong hold import tuning scene to appreciate clean work, or tuning a car right.

This meet showed several good examples, a clean PY ITR that was brought out of a time bubble, a clean MKIV Supra dressed in red on some Blitz Technospeed Z1’s. Yogi setting a new bar in the 4 dr luxury tuning sedan market, with his well-executed 3rd Gen Lexus GS.

Some legendary names were also present at this event, who can forget Bisimoto, and his latest project, the 1200+ hp Honda Odyssey Minivan, the meticulous details in engine bay are on point, both with function and form.

There’s something about seeing a clean EG, EM1, DC2, E30M3, 2002, 964, 993, MKIV Supra, or Datsun 510 at events like this, cars from the golden era of the 90’s or prior that haven’t been chopped or neglected.

RRydes represented well as always, Alf and his clean blue G35 sitting on SSR’s, and there’s also the ever so clean Lexus RC350-Fsport widebody coupe, and the Hakosuka’s scattered in the crowd.

Overall it was a decent meet, proving that yes, there are a few well built vehicles around and it’s not just about the stance scene, all the time.

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Photos by Mike Morgan

Story Jay J

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