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NightClub and Bar show day 1

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This was my 2nd year attending the NCBS in Las Vegas, nv. I have to say these shows never disappoint. The NightClub and Bar show showcases many of the newest technology in the nightclub scene. They also show  various different type of drinks in the market. You may say to yourself how exciting can this show be? Well, If you are one who likes to go out and mingle at a bar or nightclub this is the type of show for you. For Day 1 we decided to tackle the show from two halves. On the left side of the show mainly beer companies new and old displaying some of the newest products they have to offer. I must say if you are not careful at this show, you can lose yourself pretty fast. There are testers everywhere where companies want you to try their products. The first booth we saw was the Miller co. which had large array of drinks. It seemed that the many of the beer companies were introducing Ciders to the market and this was a great way of testing it. Some were good and some were not. But then that is the opinion of the drinker. We saw horchata flavored beer to IPA ciders. We were able to mix a Apple Cider with the blue moon Horchata that tasted like Apple pie. These are one of the many interesting things you will find here. So it being Vegas we decided to cover this show and show off the products and of course the Models who were their. check out the photos from day one!


PhotographyVictor “Smirnoff” Marquez

Story Michael Morgan

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