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SUPER STREET and Mackin Industries put together a car-meet for car enthusiast for the infamous wheel brand RAYS Engineering. In order to bring your car into this meet, you had to qualify a pre-screening process, which consisted of owning any RAYS wheels made. The meet was hosted at the Orange County branch of the TEN Network where magazine brands such as SUPER STREET & Motor Trend are made. There was a heavy presence of spectators eagerly waiting to enjoy the meet. Since this is a RAYS only event, other spectators had to park outside of the venue, which essentially created another meet.



The meet was impressive and better organized than previous meets. Having people register their car kept the riff raff out, which prevented the few bad apples who likes revving and doing donuts in the middle of the meet and causing a disturbance. There was all sorts of vehicles, but mainly consisted of Japanese cars. A few domestic and European cars was also in attendance. The meet also featured raffle giveaways and Super Street Garage also released a special T-shirt for the meet.



The open house also let the enthusiast a chance to take a look inside of what goes on inside the TEN building. As you walk in, you see more vehicles on display in work areas. You can only imagine what type of work happens inside. This was probably the best meet I have attended recently and to see so many people who have a love for one wheel brand is amazing. Can’t wait to go to the next one that pops up.


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