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Cars and Coffee Pelican Parts SouthBay meet

As one era ends another begins; Car Culture, and the automotive lifestyle in the Golden State of California cannot be muffled; Just as the signature Cars & Coffee took an exit; Many little ones have formed. You can keep track [...]

February 3, 2015 Blog, Coverage

Sema 2014

I arrived in las Vegas sometime around Tuesday evening.  From my social media feed I could tell that Sema this year would be special. After a nightof partying and the usual up all night shenanigans. I found myself on the [...]

November 13, 2014 Blog, Coverage, Featured

MOD 14

I missed last years Mitsubishi owners day. Even though it was the supposed last one. We all know Mitsubishi has its problems and well things aren’t looking to well. But when I heard a couple months ago there was going [...]

August 5, 2014 Blog, Coverage, Featured

Nightclub and Bar Show Las Vegas

With so much going on we are a little late in our update of the Bar and Nightclub convention in Las Vegas. We were able to check out the newest gadgets and taste some of the newest Alcoholic beverages to [...]

April 6, 2014 Blog, Coverage

Sema 2013 Part 1.5

  Whoa wait a darn minute.  what just happened???  Sema is over??? WOW how fast did that week just fly by??? If you were lucky enough to attend #SEMA  a couple of days of attendance is not long enough. We [...]

November 16, 2013 Coverage, Featured


So whats with the hash tag title?  Well Formula drift Irwindale is whats up.  Round 7 and the final round of the series concluded for the 2013 year. With Slammed Society taking part of the drift spectacle all car enthusiast [...]

October 13, 2013 Blog, Coverage

Izzi gadgets

Last night we had a chance to partake in the IzzI gadget LA enhance at the Crewest gallery in downtown Los Angeles. What the IzzI gadget is a way to take photography to another level all using your Iphone. The [...]

December 2, 2012 Blog, Coverage, Featured


Socal euro  San diego Pictures taken by Mike Betts [...]

November 19, 2012 Blog, Coverage, Featured


Where does the time go? Before we know it Sema has come and gone once again. During the summer we anticipate what will be the newest product or  showcase vehicle of Sema. It also happened during a time a un [...]

November 6, 2012 Blog, Coverage, Featured

Ojay Bayang

As mentioned by Ojay, patience is everything when it comes to building car projects and parts may take up months to be delivered by the mailman and this can be frustrating. Once all the parts has been collected, another waiting [...]

September 26, 2012 Blog, Featured Cars

Formula Drift: After Dark round 6

Formula Drift put on a yet another great show for the good people of Las Vegas.  One of the fastest tracks did a lil flip flop from the previous years. But still was very fast.We arrived to the hot track [...]

August 27, 2012 Blog, Coverage


The long awaited SPOCOM Consumer and Trade show CAME!!..  And since I didn’t go to the show and I am writing this on behalf of our  photographer MANNY.. I have no idea how it went. But when I got the [...]

August 7, 2012 Blog, Coverage, Featured



July 25, 2012 Blog, Upcoming Events

Agenda Long beach


July 23, 2012 Blog, Upcoming Events

Comic Con San Diego

Did you get a chance to go to one of the worlds biggest comic cons? Well we did!!! It was in San Diego, ca and the weirdos were out for 4 days. Fans of of their favorite artist or characters [...]

July 18, 2012 Blog, Coverage, Featured

MOD 12

  Mitsubishi Owners day has come and gone once again. A festival of Mitsubishi enthusiasts coming together to give praise to the diamond star company from Japan. From Lancer Evolutions to Eclipses Lancers to  Monteros all makes and models were [...]

July 15, 2012 Blog, Coverage

Long Beach Grand Prix

Where did the weekend go?  We were at Long Beach Grand Prix alll weekend. Sadly we only covered day 1 of 3. And day 1 also had to be raining.  So with that we brought along a crappy Point n [...]

April 16, 2012 Blog, Coverage

Formula Drift LB day 1


April 6, 2012 Blog, Coverage

Hot Import Nights Pomona

The show season in so cal has finally started. And Hin was the group that rung it in. With all the issues they went through with locations. They decided to use Pomona raceway . Pretty much  where the  birth of [...]

March 12, 2012 Blog, Coverage, Featured

Wekfest SF

  What a long weekend it was in SF.  Wekfest is now over and now we can collect our thoughts on the show. I myself have never been to wekfest in SF. But have attended the Long Beach show. We [...]

February 22, 2012 Blog, Coverage, Featured

Melissa Fisher Valentines Special

  Melissa Fisher Ethnicity: Filipino/German  Hometown: SD  Measurements: 32/25/35 Height: 5’8″ Eye color: Brown Hair color: Brown  Twitter: @pandafbaby       Photography by Randy Ly       [...]

February 14, 2012 Blog, Featured, Out of the Trunk

Evasive Open House

  Checked out the Evasive Motorsports new facility in Sante fe springs.  Evasive held a private event for Industry Friends and Family. The new building is amazingly huge. It Houses 3 lifts and a alignment rack, With storage to spare. [...]

February 11, 2012 Blog, Coverage, Featured

James Ma – Audi A4

  Name: James Ma Car: 2004 Audi A4 Affiliation: TeamLessJames Basic Info: (whats basic info?) Exterior Body Work – Lighting Oettinger Front Bumper Oettinger Side Skirts Oettinger US Spec. Rear Valence Oettinger Front Grill OEM Audi A4 Rear Lip Spoiler [...]

February 2, 2012 Blog, Featured, Featured Cars

Michelle Sanchez

Name: Michelle Sanchez Ethnicity: Filipina!! Hometown: Kapa’a, Kaua’i. Measuremments: 32D, 22, 32 height: 5 FT Hair Color: Dark Brown Eye Color: Dark Brown Website: www.facebook.com/Miss.MichelleSanchez Do you have any nicknames that you go by? and if so explain why? Yes!! [...]

January 19, 2012 Blog, Featured, MiTT Models